I have three children under 3, so as you would expect, our house is covered in baby and toddler toys . As our family grows, we've been more and more intentional with our purchases, making sure that the toys we get can be used by several of our children at the same time, to keep clutter under control. In this process, we discovered Lovevery. For those unfamiliar with the brand, Lovevery is a company that offers subscription boxes by age, as well as an award-winning play gym and block set. All their products are designed for specific ages and stages by child development experts. Each of their products provides little ones with developmentally appropriate play and guide parents through the skill learning processes our tiny ones go through their first years of life. What's more, everything they make is absolutely gorgeous. With our first baby, I registered for a highly-rated play mat I found on Amazon, which I didn't love. It was small, the poles fell sideways while I tried to coax him during tummy time, and it was just so ugly.

So with our twins I decided to pay the higher price for the Lovevery play gym , here's why:

Lovevery play gym

LOVEVERY The Play Gym The five development zones on the Play Mat that reveal or conceal to prevent overstimulation and promote brain and motor skill development, while the accessories can be used in 24 stage-based play activities.

No batteries needed:

All the entertainment your baby needs is right there on the mat, with different textures, activities and ways to engage. None of which involve repetitive songs that will drill your brain at 3 am when you can't sleep, or bright lights that will become an eyesore within weeks of unboxing.

It grows with your babies:

The mat is designed to grow with our kids throughout their first year. In the early days it helps develop eye-sight with black and white cards, and once they're able, it supports tummy time as they explore colors. The included toys are perfect for batting once they discover their arms and legs to finally playing hide and seek once the gym is converted into a tent. There are truly endless possibilities for children to play and learn.

Easy to clean and store:

Babies are messy. We also have a dog that sheds a ton. Plus our toddler loves to join his sisters in tummy time. This is all to say our mat gets dirty fast. But that's not an issue given how easy it is to clean. Also, the wooden structure is easy to remove and makes the gym perfect for those living in small places as you can store under a couch or behind a closet door.

It's beautiful:

Like I said before, we have a lot of little people and a lot of their toys around us, so having something that takes such a significant amount of space in our playroom not look like a children's toy is a win for me. The bottom line: Even though it comes with a higher price tag than other play mats in the market, the life for the Lovevery play gym with your family is far longer and far more engaging than those others, which makes it totally worth it for us. We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.