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Before I had kids, I had a white couch. I repeat: I had a WHITE couch. The idea of this couch—or any expensive, light-colored furnishings—co-habitating with my family of six nowadays is pure fantasy. Between leaking bottles and sippy cups, sticky fingers and a dog that has a penchant for puking, we simply can't invest in decor that is a) expensive or b) not kid-friendly. (Read: No glass tables, no sharp edges, no white couches.)

This has been a decorating pain point for me, especially when it comes to area rugs. I've got wood floors in my house and need rugs in pretty much every room. The rugs I had in my pre-mom living spaces were north of $1,000 and always in the very-not-kid-friendly material of wool. (Listen: I die for wool rugs but one popsicle laid to rest on them and they're dunzo.)

The good news is that there is a plethora of totally beautiful rugs on Wayfair right now that will zhush up your spaces—whether it be a living room, an office or a nursery—and because they're made of polypropylene, they're 100% stain-proof.

We tested out five of the site's top sellers (they each have thousands of positive reviews) and can attest that they arrive with nary an odor, are super soft and guess what? You can even get that creamy rug you've been missing so much.

I dared to put this beauty —which has 24,000 positive reviews!—in my family room and after six months it's still just as pristine as the day it arrived. That's after being exposed to chocolate, blood, crushed up Goldfish, mud and even one unidentified neon pink substance. (Was it chalk? Was it sand art? We'll never know!) I simply rubbed the stains with water and soap and each time they disappeared.

My point is this: Just because we're parents doesn't mean we have to settle for ugly utilitarian rugs while our kids are in their messiest years. Nor to do we have to shell out for expensive pieces that are going to make us want to lose our minds if (when!) they get mucked up.

(The best part? If it does get destroyed—because, let's face it, poop explosions happen—at these prices you're not going to be too torn up about replacing it.)

Check out our five favorites below—all of which are $200 or less and have tens of thousands of positive Wayfair reviews—and consider one for your home this spring.

The Clair rug

Number of reviews: 24,000+

Why you'll love it: On-trend with a Morroccan-esque pattern, this rug immediately brightens up a room in a modern, fresh way. Similar to the black-and-cream graphic rug trend we're seeing everywhere right now, I appreciate that Clair is still graphic… but much softer with the light grey pattern (rather than stark black). Good to know: This rug is definitely more white than cream (whereas the Youati below is more ivory than white!). It's soft underfoot, and, as I mentioned earlier, repels even my kids' worst stains.


The Hillsby rug

Number of reviews: 14,000+

Why you'll love it: Tired of the muted farmhouse tones that are so hot right now? Then this is the super gorgeous rug for you. Bursting with color amid a vintage-meets-bohemian pattern, the Hillsby would look great against neutral furnishings in a living space, under a dining room table or even in your daughter's room! Regardless, this puppy is going to hide ANY and ALL spills or messes. With a .38-inch pile, it's soft underfoot (but not crazy fluffy).


The Hosking rug

Number of reviews: 15,000+

Why you'll love it: Looking for a family or living room rug that is light… but not too light? This is your ticket. With touches of navy blue and a pastel yellow, the rug looks great against darker furniture (mine is under a brown leather couch and it pops to say the least). It makes a subtle statement and is super cushion-y underfoot, thanks to the half-inch pile.


The Youati rug

Number of reviews: 9,000+

Why you'll love it: In person, this rug is SO beautiful. Cream-based with an intricate Persian floral pattern, it has a half-inch pile, which makes it super plush and fluffy (especially with a rug pad underneath). I have it in my bedroom and it truly sets a serene tone… which is all I want when I crawl into bed at night!


The Latham Rigo jute rug

Number of reviews: 3,000+

Why you'll love it: Okay, okay, this one isn't polypropylene but natural fiber rugs are HOT right now and they're a durable option for high-traffic areas like mudrooms or foyers. This one sheds a bit at first, but after a few days side effect is nonexistent. I like that its half-inch pile isn't too thick—my front door is still able to swing open when the rug is nearby (even with a pad underneath). I would recommend purchasing double-sided rug tape to stave off curling edges.


Bonus: Wayfair Basics Rug Pad

Number of reviews: 89,000+

Why you'll love it: Yes, you could put your directly on the floor but trust me when I say you don't want to. For a little extra cash, you can greatly increase the comfort level of your rug by adding a plush pad underneath and Wayfair's Basics brand is my favorite. Made from recycled felt, the pads have a latex backing that prevents sliding and can be trimmed with a utility knife. (Tip: You want the pad about an inch shorter than your rug on all sides).


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