Let's face facts: kids are slow as tortoises when it comes to leaving the house. If shoelaces serve as a major roadblock to your get-out-the-door-in-one-piece routine, look no further than the easy kids shoes I've found below.

Whether you're the one tying shoelaces, or your child has just mastered the act themselves (but paint dries faster), or they're simply not interested yet (everyone learns at their own pace, after all), kids shoes that easily slip on make what can be a potentially chaotic act of simply leaving the house just a little bit easier. I also love the idea of putting on slip-on shoes because it's an act your child can do on their own without a parent or caregiver's help. A little independence goes a long way, especially if your child is in the midst of their " I can do it myself! " phase.

Now, if the reason you're waiting on your toddler is because they're deciding what favorite stuffed animal to bring with them, I'm afraid I can't help you there.

Check out these adorable kids shoes and say hello to an easier time leaving the house:



Native shoes are a popular brand for kids, not only because of how lightweight and easy to put on they are, but because of the wide range of colors of which you can choose. The perfect playground shoe as the sand shakes right out, and they're easily hand-washable at home.




Vans are as classic a slip-on shoe as they come, and a brand that will frankly never go out of style. I also love that they come in a wide range of colors and themes, so you're sure to find a look your kid will love. Love the empowering messages on this pair! With elastic on the sides, these shoes make it easy for little hands to guide them onto their feet.




For the kiddo who plans to hit the ground running as soon as they leave the house, Nike's new Flex Plus shoes have super soft cushioning and are super easy to slip on thanks to their flexible design.




Uber-popular Rothy's are available in kids' sizes, too! This eco-friendly brand is dedicated to sustainable fashion (shoes are made out of recycled single-use water bottles), and serve as the perfect way to introduce a conversation about being kind to the Earth with your kids. Also, they're super comfortable, machine washable and come in an range of fun colors and designs. Win, win!




Toms is a company that feels strongly about giving back , and I love that about them. I also love their adorable kids shoes, which are so easy to put on thanks especially to the tag on the heel. Also, how about this awesome polka dot dinosaur design?!




Target's popular Cat and Jack brand is an affordable option for kids' shoes that come in cute designs that won't break the bank. With a hidden elastic component these shoes are easy to put on and comfy, thanks to the 100% cotton upper.




Another mainstay brand for kids, Crocs aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Super easy to put on, available in a wide range of colors (hello, tie die!) and the ability to collect Jibbitz Shoe Charms for your Crocs is a major incentive for kids to put on their shoes promptly when it's time to leave the house.




Inkkas shoes are handmade in Latin America, featuring textiles from around the world in their designs. I love that this company was founded on principles of fair trade and global philanthropy, and well, they're just really cute. You can also tell your child that when you bought this pair of shoes, a tree was planted in their honor. Pretty neat.




I have to admit I gravitated first to this cool design (Internationally renowned muralist James Goldcrown brings his iconic #Lovewall heart designs to Skechers in this inspiring collaboration) but the popular brand also fits the bill when it comes to kids shoes that are easy to put on and super comfortable.




This European brand is a favorite of Duchess Kate , who puts Cientas on George, Charlotte and Louis. And now you can put them on your kids, too! This classic style goes with everything, and your toddler will feel such a sense of accomplishment when they are able to easily put these kids shoes on by themselves.


J Crew Factory


Add a bit of flair to your child's wardrobe with these gold metallic slip on shoes from J Crew Factory (and if you hurry, you can get an extra 15% off when you buy 3 accessories).


Hey Dude


Hey Dude kids shoes come in a wide range of designs (love these robots!) but comfort is really their key component: these kids shoes offer an ultra-lightweight outsole, are lined with a soft patterned cotton and come with memory foam insole. And oh yeah, they're machine washable!