Becoming a mother is a huge transition. Obviously. And while buying baby gear can be exciting and cause you to have cute-attacks throughout the pregnancy process, there are certain purchases that really just make a mom question her identity. The diaper bag for instance. But don't let the name scare you away. Sure, the term “diaper bag" is, well, unappealing, but Leader Bag Co. diaper bags are proof you can be the super efficient mom you always wanted to be and the style envy of your new mom crew. Heck, even your friends without kids may end up asking, “where'd you get that?"

Though it is lighter and features a simpler design, the Julien Jr. is still as super chic and utilitarian as big brother Julien. It is loaded with pockets to help you stay organized and comes with universal stroller straps, a change pouch and a nylon change mat. Plus, it is made to last for years, and if you want to share the load with dad, it is sure to make him look good, too.

And because liquids seem to come from all places when you have a baby, it's nice to know that the Julien Jr. is made with a durable and dependable combination of water repellent 14 oz duck canvas, nylon seatbelt webbing and a wipe-clean nylon interior.