Bringing one baby into your home brings a whole set of life-altering changes you never thought imaginable. Some of it’s great, like the amount of love your hearts and home are filled with. And some is not so great, like your once decent-sized apartment suddenly seeming to shrink. But when bump number two comes into the picture, you realize space is the least of your concerns. Like many families, for Darling Clementine founder Lindsay Meyer-Harley the decision to go from a family of three to four was very emotional. “While we know giving Juliette, now 4, a sibling is the best gift we could give her, we know there will be a few bumps ahead as she gets used to the idea,” says Meyer-Harley. And trying to explain to a 4-year-old that her room is no longer just hers, well, now that’s scary. “She doesn't really understand why she has to give up some of her space for him, so we’re trying to be fair to her and allow her to still be herself and have her things all over while making room for her little brother. We won't live in this apartment forever, but for now we really want her to embrace this change,” she says. Despite the challenges, there are so many upsides to look forward to. “I think there's a sibling bond that will become even stronger because they are sharing a room. Juliette loves being a helper, and she's the one that is going to be there first, able to make him smile way before Mama or Papa has made it over to their room, and I think she's excited about that responsibility,” says Meyer-Harley. So after doing what any parent who knows what’s good for them would do, and asking their daughter for her permission for her new baby brother Jack (who entered this world just a few short weeks ago) to share her room, the fun stuff began: room decor. “She smiled right away and took my hand and showed me around her room and where all of his things could go. It was very sweet,” says Meyer-Harley. Sure, decorating is fun, but creating a space for both little ones that spoke to each of them was going to be the challenge. For Juliette, who Meyer-Harley says loves all things girly and pink, and for the new little one, who she wanted to make sure has his own space to grow into, finding gender-neutral and space-saving pieces was the key. Here, find out what turned this girly room for one into a gender-neutral sibling room for two. And do not forget to head on over here to enter to win a gorgeous package filled with some of the exact items this beautiful shared room is filled with! 1. Dwell - Galaxy Duvet Set “We were looking for a duvet set that was simple and wouldn't clash with the room's other colors. This was perfect, especially because we can pass it down to baby boy someday.” 2. Fine Little Day - Gran Linen Pillow Case “The pillow case fits Kevin and my style but goes well in the kids room too.” 3. BlaBla - Splash the Cat “We were so lucky that Bla Bla jumped on board and gifted us these darling dolls, one for baby boy Jack and one for big sister Juliette. We just love them.” 4. Serena & Lily - Sengalese Storage Baskets “These gorgeous baskets were the perfect addition to this shared space. We are constantly trying to contain the clutter, aren't we all? These baskets are gender neutral in color and will transition well as the children grow up.” 5. Serena & Lily - Laurel Lamp “This simple, classic lamp can be put on nightly for bedtime stories.” 6. Thief & Bandit - Newborn Leggings “These newborn leggings are just about the cutest things ever, and since big sister Juliette has a whole bunch herself, it's nice to keep the tradition going.” 7. Freshly Picked - Moccasins “I adore these moccasins, I only wish I had heard of them when Juliette was younger. They fall into the style of what we buy for Juliette so they were perfect for baby boy's first shoes too.” 8. Serena & Lily - Sengalese Storage Baskets (See description for #4) 9. Forage Haberdashery - Bowties “These bowties are so precious, we can't wait for baby boy to rock these with a casual jeans and tee look!” 10. Freshly Picked - Moccasins (See description for #7) 11. Mr.Boddington's Studio - Doctor Penn and His Buttery Croissant “We love the illustration in this print, perfect for our love of all things French!“ 12. Solly Baby Wrap - Striped Baby Wrap “We are loyal Ergobaby users, but this time around I wanted to have something not as bulky that would work when it's freezing cold out, and I wanted to tuck him into my coat when running Juliette to school and back. The stripes are just darling, and we love how easy it is to put on.” 13. Aden + Anais - Mum + Bub Skincare "The Aden + Anais Mum & Bub skincare line is my favorite for Juliette and now for baby boy. I like that they can use the same things -- much less clutter that way!” 14. Serena & Lily - Menagerie Bookends “These bookends are the perfect way to keep the room childlike without being overtly childish.” 15. Ammo Books - Charley Harper Books “Books for littles are always the best gift to give and receive. We love Charley Harper's illustrations too -- baby boy will have plenty of books about trucks, superheros and other such ‘boy’ things soon enough, but for now, we love these basic books that both genders can love.” 16. Kid O - Red Plane “We've been buying Kid O toys for Juliette since she was a baby, so she'll be happy to share them with baby boy (and play with all the new ones we'll be buying for him).” 17. Aden & Anais - Diaper Changing Pad “I love the gender-neutral star print for the changing pad. It is a large print that will be seen right when you walk in the room." 18. Fine Little Day - Apple Papple Poster “The darling fruit prints brought a sense of whimsy to the room without being too girly. Juliette loves them, but they'll fit right in with baby boy and his style.” 19. Hillary Kids - Eiffel Tower "We are total francophiles." 20. Aden + Anais - Mum + Bub Skincare (See #13) 21. Goat Milk - Baby Onesies/Clothing “Organic clothing is the way to go with little ones whenever possible. I love these basics from Goat Milk, they are soft, cozy and come in gorgeous colors that aren't so obvious, like the mustardy yellow.” 22. Hazel Village - Embroidered Animals “This one has Jack's name embroidered in a heart. Hazel Village is one of my favorite brands -- we've sold them at Darling Clementine since we opened, and their animals make the perfect gift. I love that they offer name embroidery -- how sweet is that?” Pirum Parum Poster 23. BlaBla - Large Doll (See #3 for description) 24. Carly Megan - Custom Crib Sheet “The Alma Mini Crib is small and perfect for city spaces, but it's hard to find crib sheets that fit. We were so happy Carly Megan was able to custom create a sheet with the brand’s signature antler print. How cute is it?” 25. Oeuf - Boy Flag garland and Eiffel tower (not shown here) “Oeuf is a Darling Clementine favorite, and always will be. We were so excited to incorporate some pieces from their lovely collection into Juliette and Jack's room. The eiffel tower was a must have.” 26. Bloom - Alma Mini Crib “This is THE perfect crib for city dwellers with a small space (This also would be perfect to have on hand if you have visitors with little ones, as it folds up so easily and can be stored without taking it apart). It fits perfect in the space and is in such a lovely grey color.” 27. My Moon - Polka Dot Blanket “Grey is one of my favorite colors, and polka dots give it a sweet childlike feel, but it'll move well into toddlerhood because it's not too babyish.” 28. House of MIa - Baby Set (hat & blanket)/Toddler leggings & headband “I love supporting small businesses, especially ones run by amazing women. House of MIa is one of my favorites. I love their simple and modern designs.” 29. Max Wanger - Huge City Print “I've been a fan of Max's work for years and am so happy to have this print at the centerpiece of the room. My kids are city kids and though we may dream of wide open spaces and farm country sometimes, the city and its energy will always be at the center of our lives. This print is a perfect way to express that. Plus Juliette loves the pink building :).” 30. Serena & Lily - Sengalese Storage Baskets (See description for #4) 31. Fine Little Day - Pirum Parum Poster (See #18 for description)


Congrats on your gorgeous new boy Lindsay! Photography by Evan Gubernick