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Happiest Baby : Baby sleep solutions designed by the experts

Created by renowned pediatrician, baby sleep expert and (as some might say) lifesaver Dr. Harvey Karp, Happiest Baby has been helping new parents understand and nurture their infants for close to two decades. Building on the success of his celebrated books and video The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Toddler on the Block he's developed groundbreaking, science-based product solutions that conquer a new parent's top stressor—exhaustion.

WSEL Bags : Dad-designed diaper bags that think of everything

WSEL stands for work smart, enjoy life— an ethos we couldn't agree with more. Founded by a stay at home dad who struggled to find a diaper bag that he not only wanted to use, but one that would last far beyond the baby years, these premium, adventure-ready backpacks are ideal for everything from errands to week-long getaways.

Codex Beauty : Exceptionally effective sustainable skin care

Codex Beauty's line of sustainable plant-based skin care blends the science of plant biology with biotech innovations, to create clinically proven, state-of-the-art products for all skin types. They're all vegan, EWG and Leaping Bunny verified and created in collaboration with Herbal Scientist Tracy Ryan who uses concepts dating back to the 8th century leveraging plants like sea buckthorn and calendula flower. Not only are we totally crushing on the innovative formulas that are in the packaging but we're in love with the sustainable sugarcane-derived tubes as well.

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Happiest Baby SNOO smart sleeper bassinet

Happiest Baby Snoo smart sleeper bassinet

By combining gentle rocking with soothing white noise and snug, safe swaddling, SNOO creates a nearly fool-proof, safe sleep environment that parents (and babies!) swear by. Not only does it automatically respond to your baby's needs when it senses their fussing or crying, but it also helps teach little ones to self-soothe. It's the recipient of tons of awards and countless accolades from families who say it's actually changed their lives. That might sound like an overstatement, but when it comes to sleep, a solid night of it is nothing short of life-changing.


Happiest Baby Sleepea®, 5-second baby swaddle

Happiest Baby Sleepeau00ae, 5-second baby swaddle

Like origami cranes but with more squirming, swaddling a baby comes with a learning curve. That's why the ingenious 5-second swaddles from Happiest Baby totally blow the traditional versions out of the water. With an extra-quiet Velco strap around the middle, even little Houdinis will be contained from midnight breakouts (meaning wake-ups!) the the double-zip function makes diaper changes a breeze.

Codex Beauty bia skin care discovery set

Codex Beauty bia skin care discovery set

This is the perfect way to discover this obsession-worthy line. Our favorites? The day cream which is super light and soothing, providing the perfect base for SPF (a must, mama!!). We also are fangirling over the super hydrating dry facial oil which, unlike most, actually manages to seep into your skin without sitting on top like a grease slick.

WSEL Bags The Jett diaper bag

WSEL The Jett Diaper Bag

If you might need it, this bag can carry it. From day trips to a week-long vacation, the Jett diaper bag from WSEL is designed to keep you prepared for whatever comes your way. The 18 pockets hold everything from diapers to snacks to your own laptop, and a USB charging port assures you'll never be stuck with a dead phone. The back is fully padded to keep you comfortable on your adventures and easy-to-adjust straps mean passing off between super parents is no problem at all.

WSEL Bags The Jaden diaper bag

WSEL Bags the jaden diaper bag

Dads deserve good diaper bags, too! This stylish-but-utilitarian diaper backpack is great for both parents, which makes it easy to simply hand off the bag on the way out the door—instead of making the complicated transfer of all those diaper bag essentials. With 13 pockets designed for bottles, wipes and parent's needs, and convenient details—like stroller straps and changing pad—it's ideal for travel, work, or just a trip to the playground.

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