Thought the trials of dressing your pregnant body were tough? If you're breastfeeding, you're going to need a whole new wardrobe (at least on top) that gives you access to those baby-feeding boobs on the regular. Sure there's some great nursing fashion brands out there, but it IS possible to find some “regular" clothes that work for breastfeeding too. As long as you know what you're looking for. Household Mag founder and new mom Hailey Andresen shows us 5 types of non-nursing tops that provide easy breastfeeding access.

Henley Tee: Sometimes the idea of a t-shirt just sounds so nice and cozy, but I of course need access for breastfeeding. Something like this kills two birds with one stone.

H&M Henley-Style Top, $4,99. Shop it here.

Wrap Coat: This wrap coat or something else like it should be a staple this winter for any mamas who are breastfeeding. Snap closures make for super easy access while you're out and about or even just hanging at home.

Lululemon Wrap, $128. Shop it here.

Button-Front Top: I feel like I almost exclusively wear button front tops since having my son. They are the perfect transitional piece during postpartum and are ideal for nursing on the go.

Zara Striped Shirt, $19.99. Shop it here.

Vest: Wrap and unwrap this vest easily or pair with a nursing tee or tank.

Ace & Jig Reversible Vest, $162. Shop it here.

Flannel Shirt: Having to wear layers while nursing can be particularly difficult. Flannels provide the warmth and the accessibility needed in these colder winter months.

Madewell Flannel Slim Boyshirt, $54.99. Shop it here.