Mother's Day is around the corner (if you are Googling "when is Mother's Day 2021" the answer is Sunday, May 9, you are welcome) and so it's time to start buying that special someone in your life their very much well deserved Mother's Day gift. Now, of course, you've probably been conditioned to think that you either need to get jewelry (because diamonds last forever) or appliances (because... well, actually I don't know why) and I'm here to tell you that you don't need to get either of those things.

In fact, last year my husband got me a paddleboard for Mother's Day, something I've been wanting to have since forever but never found the excuse to buy it for myself. When I shared this with coworkers and friends, everyone always has the same reaction "OMG that's such a cool gift". It's a gift that speaks to me as a person beyond me as a mother. It allows me to have time to myself, doing something I enjoy, reclaiming the person I was (and still am) beyond homework and kids' activities.

Here are some very cool gifts for Mother's Day that are not jewelry:

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike Version 4

I want to believe that after years of having a stationary bike at home collecting dust, somehow by the power of osmosis my legs are suddenly in super shape to cart around two kids in a bike around town. However, they are not, and that's where this electric bike by RadWagon comes to play. You can fit two bike seats in the back to carry children wherever you go, safely. You can also use it to run errands or go shopping as you can also switch to a basket carrier instead.


Dyson airwrap

Dyson Airwrap Styler Volume and Shape

For the mom who wants perfect hair in record time, the Dyson Airwrap is the way to go. Dries hair super fast and is easy to use to style, even for those (like me) who have no idea what they are doing with hair tools 99% of the time. Dyson is also offering a Mother's Day Limited-Edition Set which includes a complimentary travel pouch.


Cuyana Double Loop Bag

Double Loop Bag

Cuyana , a sustainability-driven fashion brand, has expanded its collection to include this beautiful and, more importantly, practical double loop bag that fits everything that moms need to carry on a daily basis. The style is versatile and also comfortable, which are two things I as a mom am always looking for, especially since I have my hands full holding little hands while out and about.

Open Spaces entryway rack

Entryway Rack

Open Spaces has been all over my Instagram feed with beautiful images of what we aspire our home to be. Eventually I caved in and got a rack for our guest bathroom to hide the extra toilet rolls and emergency diapers. The design is simple and so beautiful and guess what? It works! It makes you be more organized and any room is more tidy with it. So much so, I got a second one to hold our shoes by our door and now even our toddler makes sure his are properly placed on it.

Isle  Outpost Paddle Board

Outpost Paddle Board Package

This is exactly the board I received last year, and probably my favorite gift to date. It's the perfect gift for someone who's outdoorsy, but also perfect for someone who is starting to explore the world of SUP (like myself). It's also great for family activities, since kids can ride in the front while wearing a proper floatation device.

Coway Bidetmega 200

Coway Bidetmega 200

Hear me out on this one: Bidets are game changers for the whole family. You'll be spending less money on toilet paper and creating far less waste, while also keeping all the butts squeaky clean and happy. As someone who comes from a country where every bathroom in the house comes with a bidet, I was actually kind of shocked when I couldn't find any bidets in any of the apartments I looked at in New York City. Enter the Coway Bidetmega which you can install on any toilet.

Out East Eyewear sunglasses

Out East Eyewear Sapeth sunglasses

Re-entry into the world will be a whole lot easier if you're hiding behind a pair of luxury sunglasses. (If it works for celebs, it works for us.) Not only does Out East offer a wide variety of chic styles, but they also offer an unbeatable replacement program. If you lose or break your initial pair, they'll replace them for just a small fee. Grabby baby hands, no problem!

Anyday cookware set

The Everyday Set Regular price

This new line of cookware is everything every parent out there needs. It allows you to cook both in the microwave and oven, which means you can get delicious meals ready for the kids in no time. It's stylish and also dishwasher safe. And if that wasn't enough, a portion of proceeds from online sales will go to benefit The Lee Initiative and Baby2Baby.

Harper Wilde the lounge bralette


Repeat after me: comfort, comfort, comfort. This new launch from Harper Wilde is everything boobs have been asking for. Soft, but still supportive, with a new and modern look, this bralette is ideal for all the people out there whose boobs need some extra TLC.

The DB method

The DB Method

I haven't done a squat in approximately a century, but when I saw this celebrity-loved workout machine helps with rebuilding core control I was all about it. After carrying twins there are two things I don't have: abs and a butt. This machine helps me solve those two problems with quick 10-15 minute workouts. And, as someone who does not like to workout, this is so simple and straightforward I can do it after the kids have gone to bed.

DJI Mini 2 Drone

DJI Mini 2

Posed family photos are hard to get, someone always is not looking at the camera, kids' attention span is basically 5 seconds and most of the time we settle with okay-ish photos for the Holiday card. Well, what if you gifted this super small drone that will document the adventures your family goes in, or helps you get everyone's attention for a cute family portrait? Especially if you are spending more and more time outside as the days get warmer and warmer.

Great Useful Stuff's outdoor blanket

Outdoor Dining Blanket Set

Once life goes back to normal (whatever normal is at this point) moms everywhere will be back at sitting by the sidelines of sport practices and activities. Also, outdoor dining is a thing that we've all learned how to love and embrace, and even more so, camping season is right around the corner. This outdoor blanket is incredible at keeping you warm and comfortable and it's easy to pack into any tiny bag.

Veer family basecamp

Family Basecamp

Speaking of spending more time outside, Veer just launched their new family basecamp tent that is super easy to set up and you can bring wherever you go. Ideal for family trips to the beach, for mom to relax outside while the kids play, or to use for camping.

Wallpaper by TEA Collection


Surprise mom with a make over of her favorite room in the house by simply adding some fun and cool looking wallpaper. We recently did exactly that with what is now my home office for the foreseeable future and it made the room so much brighter and friendlier, my mood has followed the same pattern. Even more fun, involve the kids in the process of adding the paper for a family activity.

Rothy's The Lace Up

The Lace Up

Rothy's is one of those brands all moms love. This is their new lace up sneakers that is equally as comfortable as the flats that made them famous, but with a more casual look and feel to them.

Res Day CBD muscle + joint rub

Muscle + Joint Relief Rub - 200mg CBD

​This CBD rub is perfect for the athlete mom, the chasing around kids all day mom, the sitting on a chair looking at her computer working mom, the mom whose lower back hurts from carrying kids around. The menthol and eucalyptus provide a cooling effect while the CBD melts away any pain or ache.

Me's Way chili sauce


If you have a mom at home who loves a little spiciness in her food, this is the perfect gift. It's delicious, hot, and a great investment since you only need to use a little bit for it to kick in. The brand was founded by Chau Tonnu, a first-generation Vietnamese American who immigrated to the U.S at the age of seventeen along with her family.


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