There are jewelry girls and their girls who are are happy to receive jewelry. But no matter which category you fall into, receiving an unappealing piece of jewelry is the most awkward of interactions. You know that person put in thought and dropped a pretty penny on whatever it is they chose, so even though it absolutely IS the thought that counts, the only true way to say "I love it" is by wearing it on a daily basis.

Why not make your loved one’s life a little easier--and avoid an awkward situation--by throwing him (or her) a very obvious hint? Because after 9-plus months of carrying that baby you deserve a gift...that you’ll actually wear. Receiving a piece with your initial is a little reminder to always be true to you, while a piece with your baby's initial serves as a sweet nod to your little one when you’re apart. Hell, why not go for a combo for a perfect balance. Here are the 7 initial pieces we’re loving right now.

1. Catbird Alphabet Earrings $48 / 2. Maya Brenner Mini Letter Ring $220 / 3. Scosha Initial signet ring $95 / 4. Ariel Gordon Slim Signet $120 & up / 5. Grace and Scarper Initial Bracelet $49 / 6. Sarah Chloe for Goop Exclusive Monogrammable Gold Plated Lana Pinky Ring $119 / 7. Elsa Peretti for Tiffany Letter Pendants $235 & up