You’re about to give the greatest gift to your family, so a lil'present for all your hard work is not unreasonable. Dangly earrings get dangerous real quick with that strong baby grip, so play it safe with these standout stud earrings.

1. A Peace Treaty

A Peace Treaty by Dana Arbib is all about the power of positive connections and these Ubari earrings consist of Amazonite triangle stones which are known as the lucky Hope stone. Amazonite is said to have healing properties of balancing the emotions and giving physical stamina, which by the third trimester are two aspects that could probably use a little extra help. $110.00

2. Jennifer Zeuner

The Beatles said it best with "Love is all you need." These gold Liat Love studs by Jennifer Zeuner will have you singing the tune all day. $132.00

3. Eddie Borgo

These geometric hexagonal shaped Nova Studs by Eddie Borgo have the power of the number six, which is said to represent the union of male and female, and health and beauty on account of its symmetry. $175.00

4. Pamela Love Jewelry

These delicate silver Aeternum hearts by Pamela Love are embedded with sapphires to ward off negativity and keep your eye on the prize. $285.00

5. Wanderluster

Healing properties are fine and dandy. But if all you really desire from your jewelry is a bit of elegant edginess, here’s the spiky (but not sharp!) Live Forever studs from Wanderluster. $60.00

6. Dream Collective by Kathryn Bentley

Making babies sure does fill you with love, and these Jake’s Arrow studs from Dream Collective by Kathryn Bentley are clearly sent from Cupid's bow. $300.00