We’ve long been fans of Lindsay Meyer-Harley, the lovely owner of children’s shop Darling Clementine. With her well-curated shop -- and wonderful Pinterest skills! -- we knew she’d be a great person to discuss all things style (for baby or mama). Which is why we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce her as our latest Well Rounded NY contributor.

When stocking Darling Clementine’s inventory, Meyer-Harley, mom to 3.5 year old Juliette, says, “I choose pieces I would want for my own daughter, and things I wish I could have for myself! I never add anything to the shop I don't absolutely love. I try very hard to stay at a reasonable price point. It's easy to find gorgeous clothing that costs a ton. What's harder is finding special pieces that aren’t going to cost too much.”

Clearly we were eager to get Meyer-Harley’s suggestions for gifts for a new baby. “Always stick to the registry if you can,” she says. “While it's fun to shop on your own, parents put things on their registry they really need. If you want to add something on (like I do!) buy something from the registry, and then pair it with a find of your own, but always include a gift receipt if possible.” She points to “slam dunks” like soft organic swaddles (you can never have enough), and handmade soft toys. If you're gonna go the clothing route, “splurge on something the parents might not shell out for themselves, like a darling wool sweater for winter or leather moccasins they'll go crazy for!”

This week, Meyer-Harley mined her own shop for her top five gift picks:

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