We are pretty sure that stylish sheets actually help babies sleep. Okay, not entirely true, but we figure if your baby is going to be up -- and you’re going to be up with your baby -- you might as well pick crib sheets that are nice to look at. Here are a few chic bedding options that will have you peeking into the nursery even when your baby’s not in the crib. 1. Ivie Baby Colorful Arrows When it comes to babies, we’re used to seeing all bows, no arrows. This gender-neutral southwestern design is one of our favorite prints from one of our favorite Etsy shops. $55 2. Little Auggie Natasha Every kid needs a set of Russian nesting dolls, even if it’s just a crib set. Little Auggie’s lilac baby suite is the perfect alternative to overtired pink. $45 3. Serena & Lily Zebra Nobody does nursery colors and patterns better than Serena & Lily. Stripes on a crib sheet? Boring. Stripes on a zebra on a yellow crib sheet? We’ll take three. $36 4. Kate Quinn Organics Koi Koi fish are supposed to bring you luck, and when you’ve got a new baby learning to sleep, a little luck is never a bad thing. Let your little one cozy up in these Kate Quinn Organic jersey sheets. $38 5. DwellStudio Galaxy Dove There’s nothing more soothing than sleeping under the stars...unless you’re sleeping on top of them. Give your babe an early introduction to the constellations with this modern design. $40 6. Smiling Planet Elephant Safe, sustainable, recycled and organic are some of our favorite words when it comes to baby -- all of which apply to Smiling Planet. The brand’s sweet design and safe construction makes it well worth the splurge. $85