Lately I can't remember what I walked into a room to retrieve. I've "lost" my phone while talking on it and have to add "kid pick up" to my calendar with an alarm so I actually remember to do it. To say I need reminders is an understatement. Maybe it's because I'm just not as sharp as I used to be. Maybe it's because I'm burned out.

Honestly, with all the stress these days, the need for reminders extends beyond keeping up with tasks and picking up the slack of my shoddy short-term memory. I've snapped at my kids more than usual and when I collapse into bed at the end of an argument-laden day, I need my partner to remind me I'm not a terrible parent—that this business is hard in a normally functioning world and what we're currently living through just isn't.

I'm raising a teenager that tests my patience in new and exciting ways almost hourly. I need a reminder that we've made it this far and even though navigating this part of parenthood feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, we'll make it through this season, too.

It's not just me, either. I feel like every day I get a text from a friend who is struggling and looking for support or commiseration because motherhood, optimism and simply keeping their head above water has never felt harder.

I want to collectively lift our spirits and let each one of them know I'm thinking of them, and a scented candle isn't going to cut it this year. Instead, I want to offer them beautiful reminders that mean a little more—a token of appreciation that will guide them through those challenging moments, wherever, whenever. And I think I've found it.

The delicate (and affordable!) bracelets from Sontakey. Engraved with empowering oaths like "actually, I can," "I was made for this," and a Motherly editor favorite, "I am enough," they're a simple accessory with a bigger purpose. Each cuff is crafted from hypoallergenic, lead-free, and tarnish resistant pure stainless steel with a thick 18K gold overlay making it durable enough to stand up to everyday wear—and that's a good thing since they're not going to want to take it off.

Designed by two mamas who personally benefitted from using affirmations during birth and while parenting their strong-willed toddlers, sisters-in-law Shveta and Rati Sontakey wanted to find a way to offer that empowerment to others. Turns out, there are so many occasions that warrant a boost of encouragement.

Discover the Sontakey bracelets, currently on sale in the Motherly Shop! The hardest part will be choosing the right message, mama.

I Was Made For This Bracelet

Sontakey I was made for this bracelet

Go ahead. Bring it. See what happens. (What happens is, she's going to crush it.)


Actually, I Can Bracelet

Sontakey actually i can bracelet

She's strong, she's capable, and she's totally got this.


I Am Enough Bracelet

Sontakey i am enough bracelet

Yes she is. Even if she doesn't always know it.


Choose Love Bracelet

Sontakey choose love bracelet

Challenge accepted.


I Am Worthy Bracelet

Sontakey I am worthy

Without a doubt.


I Am Brave Bracelet for Baby & Child

Sontakey i am brave baby and child bracelet

Because little ones need reminders too.


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