As our go-to for stocking up on all things spooky, we've poked around to find the best Target Halloween costumes for babies, toddlers and kids.

Pro tip: Under the age of two are the golden years. Choose the coolest costume with reckless abandon. Because after that, your suggestions mean NOTHING. They're coming at you with their own ideas and you won't always love them. But if they ask to be an orange construction cone, Target has you covered. (And one in your size for #twinning.)

From the cutest produce to the tried-and-true classics, these are our top picks for Target Halloween costumes for babies, toddlers and kids!

Target Halloween Costumes For Babies



Hey! YOU need more arms, not them!


Hot Dog


A snuggly frankfurter? Who knew!?




Who knew slimy squids could be this cute?


Snuggly Squirrel 


This little cutie and raid my bird feeders any time.


Hammerhead Shark


If bizarre ocean creatures are their thing, this costume checks the box.




Prehistoric fashion at its finest.


Baby Sloth


Who has six toes and is so cute it hurts? THIS GUY.


Lil' Avo


Who'd have thought trendy produce would also make the perfect first Halloween costume?


Mini Witch


Come for the mystical jagged-hemmed skirt, stay for that ridic adorbs hat. (And it comes in sizes for mama, toddler and bigger kids too for full family spell casting.)


Baby Skeleton


You say skeleton, I say Cobra Kai punk who jumped Johnny after the dance.


Tiny Unicorn


For the most magical of minis.


Baby Hulk


Be warned: This costume may induce crib break outs, nap strikes and crushing bottles with one hand.


Target Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

A Stoplight

Oh, but wait. IT LIGHTS UP.


Peppa Pig


Now to perfect the British accent...


Mail Carrier


"Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds trick-or-treating."


Fuzzy Monster

Warm, snuggly and a great costume? Yes please.


Beautiful Butterfly


It's really the antenna that sells this one. And the sparkly belly of course.


Pint-Sized Viking 


Consider that candy bucket raided.


Witchy Kitty


Expect this one to get thrown into regular everyday rotation.


Busy Bee


The sweetest little pollinator we ever did see!


Mini Billionaire, er, um Astronaut


Move over Richard Branson. There's a new astronaut in town.


Magical Mermaid


Swishy, shiny and totally adorable.


Target Halloween Costumes for Kids

Aspiring Doc


What's scarier than crushing student debt? KIDDING!


Puffy Pterodactyl

Just when we were ready to quit this inflatable trend we get pulled RIGHT BACK IN.


A Construction Cone. Because why not?


If you have ask "What kid would ever want to be a construction cone for Halloween?," you've clearly never met a kid. They're the most delightful weirdos and this makes total sense.




Watch out for Creepers!


Grim Reaper

Gotta love a mask that pulls double duty.


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