Most mamas already love the Cat & Jack line for its trendy styles, durability and price-points, but now Target has gone one step further to win the hearts of parents everywhere. They're getting into the subscription box game with a new Cat & Jack Baby Outfit Box! Parents who subscribe to the box get baby outfits before they are even released in stores.

Here's how it works: You sign up and choose your baby's size (from newborn to 24 months) and their gender. Every season you'll get a new box with six or seven pieces that aren't yet in stores—plus a surprise gift. And because the folks at Target are geniuses, the clothing in the box automatically goes up as your baby gets older.

If you've ever been tearing through your 18-month-old's dresser only to find nothing but 12-month pants, you'll know how awesome it is to get right-sized, stylish clothes with such little effort.

But the clothes aren't the only awesome part of this subscription plan.

Target is taking a page from those monthly makeup subscription boxes by including cute, reusable packaging. The Cat & Jack subscription comes with keepsake boxes perfect for storing all kinds of baby stuff (and for repacking the clothes for your next baby, if you're going to have one).

The best part of the subscription box is that you get to try the clothes on your baby in the comfort of your home and return anything that doesn't work. As someone who once made the unfortunate choice to try an outfit on my baby in a store fitting room, I think staying at home is worth the $40 fee.

This box has it all: convenience for mama and cute new clothes for baby. We can't wait to see what comes in these cool subscriptions—and for the inevitable pics of babies ignoring the contents while just playing in the actual box.