I vividly remember the moment my babies started teething. First came the drooling (so much drool!), then came the hand chewing, the toy chewing, chewing anything near and available to them. Then came the crankiness until pop, a tiny tooth came out, and we were back to normal in a couple of days. Every single time I've desperately shopped online looking for something —anything, really—that will help them and myself get through this.

After years of research and experimenting, these are the products I highly recommend for when your baby is going from all the gummy smiles to getting ready to chomp anything in sight.

Bebe Au Lait wooden teether

Rainbow Wooden Teether

This teether will keep your baby entertained for hours. It's non-toxic, anti-microbial and the beads make it super easy for tiny hands to grab. Plus, the rainbow is the perfect shape for them to chew on. It comes in a bunch of different shapes to choose from.

Chewbox animals

Silicone Baby Teethers set of 6

Coming as a set of six (which is great if you are looking to have a variety of shapes and colors in different places) you can attach to the stroller, car seat, swing, you name it. My toddler still loves to pretend that the dolphin and turtle are swimming together through the house so once your babies are done teething, they can easily transition to bath toys.


Linen crinkle teether

Linen Crinkle Bunny Ear Teether

My babies love these Montessori teethers. The crinkly linen keeps them engaged while the wooden circle allows them to easily grab the toy and chew on it with their gums.


VIVAIODAYS rescue balm

Olive Oil All Purpose Rescue Balm Gel

An all-purpose balm for all the things, including rosy cheeks from extra drool caused by teething. It's super easy to apply and can be used year long, especially during cold months when drool and wind can cause delicate skin to get a bit more irritated. The product is gluten-free, cruelty-free and certified vegan.

BogginHead bandana teether

BooginHead Baby Newborn Cotton Bandana Teether Bib

The two-in-one bib by BooginHead is amazing. The cloth part catches all the drool while the silicon part allows babies to grab onto it or chew to soothe their gums with the little indents it has. Bonus points for being super stylish and easy to wash.


Nûby mittens

Nuby Soothing Teething Mitten with Hygienic Travel Bag

Teething babies love to have their hands in their mouths. I, however, hate the smell of dried up saliva on them (can anyone relate?). These mittens solve that problem. Babies can chew on the mittens while keeping their hands clean and dry. Ideal for babies who cannot hold teethers yet.


Anjie + Ash teething necklace

Stevie Teething Necklace in Bubble Gum

I'll admit I've worn these necklaces when I don't have a teething baby (or even a baby) around because that's how stylish they are. Now that I have two teething babies (yay, twins!), you can find me wearing one all day long. Designed to be easy for babies to manipulate, they also feature a patented clasp that releases if they tug too hard. There are different sized beads to keep baby engaged, and are all made of non-toxic silicone.

Mombella mushroom

Mombella Mimi the mushroom super soft silicone baby soothing teether toy

This mushroom is all the rage in my Facebook mom groups right now. So much so that some orders have been delayed because of high demand. The reviews speak for themselves though, babies love it! It's easy to grab and easy to chew on, plus the bright color keeps them engaged.


Bebe Au Lait bandana bibs

Vintage + Modern Floral Classic Muslin Bandana Bib Set

Made for stylish babies, these bibs will not only catch all of your baby's drool, it will also level up any outfit they are on. The pack comes with two coordinating bandana bibs so you can also match all of your kids. There are many different colors and patterns for you to choose from and keep your baby dry and looking fly.

Green sprouts cooling teether

green sprouts Cooling Teether

Our favorite feature? This round teether can be frozen for extra soothing power on baby's gums. It's filled with distilled water for safety and the little shapes on each ball give extra comfort for baby. Easy to grab by tiny hands and easy to clean for busy moms.


Fillable + freezable teetherpop

Fillable, Freezable Baby Teether for Breastmilk, Puru00e9es, Water, Smoothies, Juice

If your baby has started solids already, this teether is ideal for them as it allows baby to experiment with flavors while soothing soft gums. You can fill the teether with anything—breastmilk, purees, frozen fruit—and keep frozen for extra comfort.


Lexypexy wooden teething toy

The Sullivan Teething Toy

Can we talk about how adorable this pretzel is? Plus, it's made from all natural, non-splintering, sustainable maple wood that makes tiny gums super happy. It comes in so many adorable options and is fantastic for photoshoots.

Zarbees natural gum massage gel

Zarbee's Naturals Baby Gum Massage Gel

Our pediatrician has always recommended Zarbees to us for our toddler because of all their natural products. This gel is safe for 2-month-olds and up and is alcohol and drug-free.


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