A trip out of the house with baby in tow takes a lot of logistical and mental preparation. We try to plan for every possible scenario packing bags with everything from favorite toys to an entire change of clothes for everyone involved. We consider where along the way we might be able to easily change a diaper, snag some privacy, or feed a crying, hungry baby even after we plan around feeding and nap times.

For bottle feeding parents, there's yet another consideration—where to warm a bottle. While some little ones will tolerate cool or room temperature formula or breastmilk, some just straight up refuse. And securing warm water while out and about is more difficult than it might seem.

Tired of being tied down by that stress, frustrated with cumbersome corded bottle warmers and coming up empty when searching for solutions, Alaina Moulton—military wife and mom to Willow—decided it was time to create one.

Thus, The Baby's Brew was born—the first ever battery powered bottle warmer on the market.

Created with both formula and breastmilk in mind, the ingenious portable design heats baby's milk to the exact temperature of your choice without compromising nutrients or leaving hot spots. Simply attach it directly to the bottle, set the temp and wait. It holds a charge for 8-12 hours, making it ideal to stash in your diaper bag and use on the go. Formula feeding families will appreciate the added formula dispenser in the Pro model which not only helps transport formula without spills or leaks, but also prevents waste as it dispenses just the right amount at the press of a button.

The Baby's Brew portable bottle warmer has been a best seller in the Motherly Shop for a reason and it's currently 20% off through 11/30!

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