It’s easy to get overwhelmed figuring out what to get every special someone in your life a gift they truly love for the holidays. But don’t worry, Pinterest has you covered on all fronts with their newly released 2019 Holiday Shopping report. In case you haven’t checked out the beauty products trending on Pinterest yet, you should (we all need some pampering after all.) But if you are looking for eco-conscious products, or if you are trying to make baby steps into the eco-friendly world, look no further.

Here are the trending eco-friendly products that we are adding to our carts this year:

Silicone straws

Five Two Silicone Straws

Ditching the single use straws is a great step towards a more eco-friendly life, and these silicone straws will make you look and feel good while you do it. The set comes with a case for you to carry them around and everything in it is dishwasher-safe. Plus, they are made of a high-quality silicone that won’t pick up odors from your yummy drinks.

Glass soap dispensers

Glass Soap Dispensers

These glass containers are the perfect addition to the minimalist home. Use them to refill them with your favorite soap or conditioner and ditch wasteful plastic packaging that’s necessary when you purchase multiple bottles. This is a set of two bottles.


iPhone case

Pela Case - iPhone 8+/7+/6s+/6+

We are not telling you to ditch your iPhone (we would never!) but you can choose a more sustainable case to carry it around. This Pela case is made with a starch-based biopolymer and flax straw “waste” which not only makes it look cool but also gives it extra shock absorption for when you drop it.

‘Sustainable Home’ book

Sustainable Home

This book by sustainable lifestyle blogger and professional Christine Liu takes you through all the rooms of your home, giving you tips on how to lead a more low-impact life. There are both big and small projects, so it’s a great addition to your library regardless of where you are in your eco journey, or a really neat gift.


Reusable food wrap

sandwich wrap

Say goodbye forever to single use plastic bags once you get these reusable wraps that can keep any food nice and tucked in. Use the warmth of your hands to shape the wrap around food or bowls and when you’re done using it, just wash it and start again.

Reusable coffee cup

KeepCup Cork Edition 12 Oz Reusable Cup

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep enjoying your yummy coffee, but there’s also no reason to keep using cardboard or plastic cups in 2019. Bring this reusable cup to your favorite coffee shop and make a difference in your waste trail. It comes with a cork around it so you never will burn your fingers again.

Sustainable bar soap


This soap will leave your skin super soft and nourished without damaging the environment, and that is a win-win. Also for every bar you purchase, the company will donate one month of clean water to a child in need. Double the impact for something you use every day.

Market net bag


This compact and reusable market bag is made of 100% knitted cotton that expands easily as you load it up with your favorite veggies. It folds neatly into a purse or pocket, so you can have it handy at all times when you go shopping. Say goodbye to plastic bags forever!

Refillable dental floss

Dental Lace in Sea Rose

This small container carries 33-yards of biodegradable dental floss that is eco-friendly. Plus, it has a refill too, making it a total of 66-yards of floss. A great alternative to plastic one-off flossers. So now you really don’t have excuses not to floss.


Cloth napkins for the whole family

12 Reusable Cloth Napkins

These cloth napkins are super cool because of their bright and edgy prints, but also because you get to use them again and again and again. Opt for these instead of buying rolls of napkins. Tuck them in your kid’s lunchbox, your purse, a picnic basket, anywhere you go.

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You’ve got this.