Valentine's Day has a reputation for being oh-so-romantic, but love is so much bigger than that. And as a mama, whether you're single, married, or somewhere in between, you deserve to take a day to really nurture yourself.

Not sure where to start? Here are eight ways to show yourself some love this month, mama.

1. Book a momcation (or girls trip)

When was the last time you really went somewhere for a few days? Probably pre-baby days. Explore online to find a destination that makes the most sense for you. Maybe it's a staycation at a local hotel on your own. Perhaps it's a girls getaway to somewhere warm. There are so many options and you're sure to come back refreshed, relaxed and feeling more like yourself than ever.

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2. Buy yourself your favorite flowers

You don't need a partner to have fresh flowers in your home. Many are running sales for Valentine's Day and they'll deliver beautiful bouquets right to your door.

Shop at ProFlowers
Shop at From You Flowers
Shop at PickupFlowers
Shop at The Bouqs

3. Indulge on Etsy

If you haven't browsed Etsy in a long time, get ready to spend hours scrolling. If you're in need of inspiration, we love:

Shop Etsy

4. Treat yourself to that product you've been eyeing

Have you had your eye on that skincare product that's just a little bit of a splurge? Or, bookmarked that pair of boots? Show yourself a little love and invest in yourself, mama. Some of our favorite ideas:

5. Pick a subscription to receive each month

Subscriptions are like a little surprise each month and ideal if you're not sure exactly what you want, but know what types of items you enjoy.

  • Cratejoy has hundreds of subscriptions. We love the under $20 ones.
  • Stitch Fix has a stylist send you unique items. Simply send back ones you don't like and pay for what you keep.
  • If you love Nordstrom, Trunk Club will help you curate a beautiful wardrobe.
  • Want to try items then return? Say hello to Le Tote. Wear, return, repeat.
  • Beauty gurus will obsess over Birchbox.

6. Try out a new hobby

If you're feeling like you never have time to yourself, or find that unwinding to reality TV isn't helping your overwhelm, try picking up a hobby.

7. Unplug + fill your cup

Sometimes the best way you can nurture yourself is to take a day, or a few hours, to unplug. If you can, ask for a personal day at work, have grandparents or friends take the kids for a day, schedule a coffee date with your biggest confidant, or use your lunch break or nap time to sit and do absolutely nothing. The key is to do something that fills your cup that doesn't involve mindlessly scrolling Instagram or binging on that new Netflix show.

8. Spruce up your home

With so much on your plate, you've likely put off buying new sheets or replacing that dining chair because it's not a priority. If you don't want to do something self-care related, consider what bothers you in your home and fix it. Want new sheets? We love Brooklinen. Need a new kitchen item or craving a new rug? Wayfair has tons of options (with great deals). Not sure what you're looking for? Browse through Amazon's bargain finds to score a gem.

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