Whether you’re pregnant with your first or a veteran mom, finding a great babysitter in NYC can be really tough. Even if you’ve got a super-sweet friend that has the “most amazing sitter!” she probably isn’t going to be so super-sweet about lending out that sitter for a much-coveted Saturday night in the city.

I never thought I’d be comfortable calling a babysitting service -- I mean, leave my kids with a total stranger who’s like 19? Yeah, right. Then I was in a jam on a Saturday night, and my “most amazing sitter!” wasn’t available. Luckily, I remembered a mom friend who’d mentioned she used Urbansitter. Ten minutes later I had signed up, checked out my friend’s personal stable of reliable sitters, and booked myself a really responsible savior -- uh, i mean babysitter -- for Saturday night. And guess what? She was totally great and is now my “most amazing sitter!”

Urbansitter lets you choose trusted sitters recommended by people you know -- your Facebook friends, mother’s group, kids’ classes, and more. It’s easy to search by sitter, date and time, and even book and pay online. Plus, if (unlike me) you plan ahead, you can bring in a sitter for a paid interview, meaning the sitter watches your new babe while you get a much-needed shower...or catch up on Homeland in the next room.

This week, Urbansitter is giving one Well Rounded NY reader a $100 gift card. So they are basically paying you to go out. Seriously, ladies who don’t have your baby just yet, this is a really good thing.

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