We tried Beautycounter for 2 weeks—and here's what happened

In the interest of all things self-care, we figured it was only fair to try it out for ourselves 🤷🏻♀️

We tried Beautycounter for 2 weeks—and here's what happened

Like many mamas, we've heard a lot about Beautycounter lately. From Instagram posts to fellow mom friends, it seems like everyone we know is talking about—or using—this popular brand. So, in the interest of all things self-care, we figured it was only fair to try it out for ourselveS.

Founded by a wife AND mom, Beautycounter launched around the mission of providing families with safer skin products. Beautycounter's health and safety standards go beyond what is legally required in the US. The company's Never List, which you can download here, is made up of more than 1,500 chemicals that they never use as ingredients in their products. The list includes over 1,400 chemicals banned or restricted in personal care products by the European Union, plus addition chemicals that Beautycounter found concerning. Beautycounter never tests their finished products on animals, and work hard to minimize the potential that a product may even contain a trace level of a chemical from The Never List.

And although we're not here to debate the scientific merits of their claims, we were definitely interested in learning more about using more natural products on ourselves and our family, especially for ourselves, for any chemical-conscious pregnant or nursing mamas, and for our little ones with super sensitive skin. Would skin care products absent of certain ingredients deliver on their claims? How would they make our skin look + feel? Would the price tag be worth it?

So let's dive in, mamas. Here's what we tried, what we loved, what we didn't, and why.

(Full disclosure: while we did get to try the products for free—we had to give them back after our trial, so don't get too jealous!—this is not a sponsored post. We simply wanted to see for ourselves what Beautycounter was all about!)


One-Step Makeup Remover Wipes


I love a good makeup remover wipe—they're so easy to throw in your gym bag and use after a sweaty workout, to toss in your suitcase when you're traveling, or even to use before bed when you don't have the energy to wash your face.

I was disappointed to find that I didn't love these wipes. They smelled great and were super soft on my skin; however, they didn't do a great job of easily removing my makeup. I had to do a ton of rubbing, and follow up with an eye-makeup remover to fully cleanse my face. As they're a fairly new BC product, I'm hoping this may change in the coming months. I did love that the wipes are fully compostable, though!


Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation


I'll be the first to admit I am not generally a fan of foundations. I often find them too heavy, tough to match to my olive complexion, and greasy, and they're not a part of my everyday makeup routine. But that all changed after I tried this one!

This tinted foundation is ah-mazing. Really. After trying a few different shades, it was pretty easy to figure out which one worked for my skin tone. It goes on so smoothly + easily, and a little goes a really long way—I didn't need much at all for an even application all over my face. (And I didn't even use an applicator to apply, I just used my fingers.)

And it made my skin look SO good! (If I do say so myself 🤣). It looked even, glowing, and really natural. Even my husband, who I'm pretty sure would take a week to notice if I dyed my hair blue, came home from work and said, unprompted, "What did you do to your skin? It looks so pretty!"

Buy the foundation, mamas. All the foundation. 😉


Kids Bath Collection


I'm pretty picky when it comes to what I put on my son's skin. And although I hadn't tried any BC family products up until now, I definitely will be going forward. Everything that comes in this collection—shampoo, conditioner and body wash—was awesome.

The body wash can be used as a shampoo, which was great for my son's shorter hair. For mamas of kiddos with longer hair who need some additional TLC, the conditioner does a great job of getting the knots out (you can even dilute it with water to use as a detangler for bed head) and makes hair feel super soft. And everything smelled great, too!


So there you have it, mamas—Motherly's Beautycounter 101. Final verdict: almost all of these products lived up to their hype. There were a few misses, and a few products I'd probably only treat myself to on special occasions, but overall, I'd recommend almost all of what I tried to fellow moms, and have already incorporated a few of these into my own personal beauty routine.

Beautycounter is available via the brand's website, at brick and mortar via several pop-up shops, or through a consultant.

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