We tried MilkStork—and it gave this working mama massive peace of mind

When you're a working mama, you have time for about two things: working, and being a mama.

So when you hear the words "work trip" or "weekend away," panic can set in, especially for breastfeeding mothers. This is my story.

I simply didn't have time to build up much of a pumped milk storage supply before I needed to hop on a plane for a last minute work trip last year. The idea of leaving my infant daughter (who already struggled a bit with bottles) made a stressful work trip even harder to handle.

Enter: Milk Stork, the breastmilk delivery service that mails your pumped milk back home to your baby via FedEx overnight—while you sleep your cares away. (Okay okay, also while you wake up to pump.)

Milk Stork delivered their proprietary cooling unit with pre-printed label to my hotel, so I just had to pick it up when I checked in. I activated the cooling inserts, packaged up my milk, and shipped it back home to my baby (and my mom) in New Jersey.

By 8 am the next morning, mama's milk was in baby's bottle. My mom thought it was magic. ✨(And it kind of is.)

Pumping mamas need to do some work, too: I had to pay a bellhop to deliver the shipment by 7pm to the local FedEx box because work meetings made it challenging to get there myself.

But I truly got peace of mind with the thought that while I couldn't be there with my baby, her belly was fully of mama's familiar milk. (My mom swore my daughter got an excited look over her face when she realized she was drinking my milk instead of the formula she previously had.)

To the inventors of a system that makes the lives of working mamas (and their babies) easier and less stressful, we send a big virtual hug. You get us.

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