While we could definitely come up with a list of things we want for Mother’s Day (yes, we think you qualify for a Mother’s Day gift even if that baby is still inside your belly!), and had a lot of fun ogling gift guides on other sites the past week or so, this year, we’re keeping our wish list simple: We want to help one of the 800 women in developing countries who die each day from pregnancy and childbirth by having a gift donated to Kangu.org, developed by Casey Santiago.

Those numbers aren’t an easy reality for any of us to swallow, so seeing that we’re celebrating pregnancy on Well Rounded everyday, Kangu.org’s Mother’s Day “Help a Mom + Honor a Mom” gift program made it easier for us to shorten our gift guide. It takes just $200 to fund a woman and give her access to skilled medical care and a safe environment, but you or a loved one can donate as little as $10 -- by spreading the word, those numbers add up quick! With our donations, we have the opportunity to prevent 90 percent of maternal mortality.

To join in the gift-giving, all you have to do is choose a mama on Kangu whose story speaks to you, donate your contribution of choice, and Kangu will email a personalized Mother’s Day card to your loved one, telling them about your gift and the mom-to-be you funded in their honor. Once a mama is fully funded on Kangu, she gains access to clean, well-lit facilities, and a caring, skilled staff. Shouldn’t be too much to ask for, huh? Take a look at all the beautiful women who have already been funded here.

We were also thinking...

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