When you become pregnant, you begin to think a lot about the way you were raised. The things your parents did or didn’t do. The traditions you want to pass along to your own children. The different ways that your family showed you they cared. Unlike our teenage years, where everything mom said was totally wrong, pregnancy can create a shift in your relationship. Suddenly her nagging becomes advice, and her experience becomes wisdom. But it’s not until that baby actually comes out that we realize there was a huge method to her madness. Turns out your mom actually wanted to make sure you were safe by giving you a curfew -- she wasn’t just lame. In fact, if she’s anything like our moms, she was amazing. So while the inevitability of becoming our mothers may have been something we balked at in our younger years, these days we have to say… bring it. Yes, even the scary mom tone. That tone whipped you into shape, now didn’t it? This week on Instagram, we want you to out yourself, and share with us all the wonderful (and scary) ways you catch yourself becoming your mom. We want to hear the good, the bad, the ugly and, of course, the mushy gushy. We’ll be sharing our anecdotes as well. Obvi, since it’s Instagram, we want you to share your photos of your mom too! It can be from the present, past or even a non-Mom shot that reminds you of her, or tells your -- and her -- story. Our friends at Weleda wanted in on the fun too. So by tagging @WellRoundedNY and @Weleda_USA in your instagram post, and hashtagging #BecomingMyMomWRNY, you’ll automatically enter to win this package of Weleda loveliness for you AND your mom. That means you'll each get one of everything you see here. Don’t have Instagram? Tell us how you’re becoming your mom in the comments below and sign up for our newsletter for entry. In case you're seeing your Mom this Mother's Day, and want to Instagram a fresh pic of two of you, this contest runs until midnight on May 11th. How’s that for a curfew? See we’re becoming our moms too. Good luck!