10 stunning photos that celebrate our lovely baby bumps

1. The ‘past my due date’ selfie.

10 stunning photos that celebrate our lovely baby bumps

5. The peekaboo big sister pic

Our bodies are truly amazing, in every sense of the word. We have the ability to create and grow a human inside of us. It’s wild! Our bodies transform into their first cozy home, prepping them for life outside the womb. So, basically, what we’re trying to say is: Our bodies ROCK.

We love seeing your gorgeous baby bumps on Instagram, so don’t forget to tag #TeamMotherly in your next #bumpie (bump + selfie) so we can fawn over how fabulous you are. Let’s celebrate our bumps together, mamas. ? ?

3. The use-your-belly-as-a-tray photo

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10. The silhouette portrait

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Ladies, you and your #babybumps are fabulous! Thanks for sharing your special moments with #TeamMotherly.

8. The bare bump snap

2. The bumpin’ it at work selfie

9. The fit bump shot

6. The restful mama shot

7. The cradling-your-bump photo

1. The past my due date’ selfie (40 weeks + 5 days)

4. The fancy mirror selfie

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