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Work & Motherhood

To the mom who is running after her kid(s)—and runs a business, too… I see you

The tug-of-war between being a present mother and successful business owner is far from smooth–but it is possible. These 31 mothers from the Dreamers & Doers collective share their encouragement and support to those facing this common challenge.

Miscarriage & Loss

6 things I learned from my miscarriage experience

But in case you are one of the few like me that feel better knowing as much of the truth as possible, here are some things I wish I would have expected when I stopped expecting.

Parental Leave

Should I stay home or go back to work post-maternity leave?

As a new mom, your values and priorities will shift.


Parents who play with their kids are more creative in the workplace, study finds

Yep, even more research shows how supporting working parents is good for business.

Work & Motherhood

The 5 stages of THE CALL: Realizing you have to balance work & a sick kid

As the saying goes, if you can’t laugh about it you’ll cry, right?

Viral & Trending

This viral video of a female pilot’s sexist interaction with Congressman will make you rage

"Tell me what a typical workweek is like for you as a stewardess."

Work & Motherhood

Thanks to ‘intensive parenting’, raising kids is harder than it used to be, studies show

You’re not imagining it. A 2023 Pew Research study found that 70% of people believe that being a mother today is more demanding than it was just a few decades ago.

Work & Motherhood

Lawyer moms need better childcare benefits—it’s time for existing programs to evolve

A career in law is incredibly demanding for anyone, let alone a parent trying to strike that elusive work-life balance.

Health & Wellness

Army veteran went into cardiac arrest while pregnant—here’s what she wants you to know

This Army veteran learned about heart health, parenting, and patience through a scary event.

Work & Motherhood

New report proves that employer-offered caregiving benefits increase productivity *and* profit

The R.O.I. of Caregiving Benefits report from The Fifth Trimester and Vivvi unearthed some remarkable statistics.

Celebrity News

Katherine Heigl’s memories of being a working mom with a baby are an emotional gut-punch

During an appearance on The View, Katherine Heigl—accompanied by her eldest daughter…

Work & Motherhood

26 women on the surprising benefits of being a mother and entrepreneur

Life will inevitably be changed when raising a family and building a business. That said, there are some surprising benefits that may come your way when balancing both.