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You are my reason

My only resolution this new year is to 'survive'

I remember when I wanted what I currently have

The mental load of motherhood is what I didn’t fully expect

You're my child forever but only my baby for a year

So while you're still my baby, I'll hold you a little longer. I'll try to slow down more often. I'll give you all of me—then a little more.

What I didn't know about being a working mom until I was one

Until I was a working mom, I didn't realize the sacrifice, exhaustion and constant juggle. I didn't know what it felt like to wish you could be in two places at once. 💜

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(Author credit: Momlando)

Here's to celebrating mom bodies

I'm going to proudly rock this mom bod and celebrate all the ...

To the first-time mama

It's time to let go of mom guilt

To the mama who is done breastfeeding

The world changed when I became a mother

To the mama returning to work after maternity leave

Motherhood is: Wishing for bedtime, but missing them as they sleep

This is: Postpartum life


I was going to fold the clothes but instead I held you

Thank you pregnant body

To the mama who thinks she did 'nothing' today 

To the mama who stays up way past her bedtime 

To the girl moms

To the NICU mamas 

Here's to a guilt-free summer

To the mamas who have experienced loss 

Dear husband one day we'll miss this

What do new moms do all day

Marry this person

Dear postpartum body

This is: Becoming a dad

A dad is not a babysitter

To the person who falls in love with my son someday

This is: Marriage after kids

Don't let me forget their littleness

This is: Becoming a mama

To the mama preparing her heart for baby #2

This is: Bringing your baby home

To the mamas that breastfeed

To all the grandparents—thank you

When I forget to feel lucky

To my love, I may not always say it but I need ...

Birth is just the beginning

The days are long but the years are short

To the mama whose baby won't sleep

Why we're asking for experiences, not toys

Dear mom, I get it now

You're not doing it wrong, it's just that hard

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