2. I have an infant and you expect the house to

be clean? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

My life.... #sahmlife

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#InstaMoms get it. They understand the joys, pains,

struggles, and triumphs of #SAHMlife. Sometimes, however, they could not be closer to your real life.

1. #truth. #somuchtruth.

#thestruggleisreal #blessings #sahmlife

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9. Remember everyone is fighting their own battles,

so always support other mamas!

#truth #allmomsrock #wherewouldthisworldbewithouthim

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4. A Target run BY MYSELF?!? Cya.

#sahmlife #sahm #wahm #confessionsofasahm #lol #meme #instamoms #funny #Run!! #lol #mom #dad #comehome #melissamcarthy

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7. Not every day is sunshine and roses. But in the

end? So very worth it.

5. Mommyhood doesn’t equal the end of your personal

exploration. Stay passionate!


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8. Classic meme. So much real life happening here.

Reminds me of my post last night. �� #mommyproblems

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3. Make it happily memorable for you both!

10. Don’t let the small moments pass you by without

taking note. Life is lived in these small moments.

6. Octopus Mom knows what’s up. We are

everything to everyone 24/7!

Courtney Barker

British mom Courtney Barker is sharing the story of how her son, 7-month-old Arthur contracted COVID-19 in the hopes of preventing other families from going through what hers is. Thankfully, little Arthur is now feeling better, but last week he was rushed to the hospital.

His mama recalled the experience in a now-viral Facebook post that is attracting worldwide attention.

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