New motherhood is hard. These apps seriously help:

A contraction app

Contraction apps make it super easy to see how far apart your contractions are, and to chart their frequency and intensity.

Tracking contractions will help you distinguish true labor from ‘false’ labor, and at the very least—are something to do while you’re waiting for labor to start.

Bonus feature: When it really is go time, you have an archived memory of exactly when and how your baby came into the world!


BabyConnect is a favorite of Motherly’s mamas for its skills tracking nursing sessions (and breast sides), bottles fed, sleep cycles, diaper output, weigh ins—basically, for its magical ability to keep us sane.

It can also sync with a partner or caregiver’s phone or iPad to allow everyone in the family to stay on the same page about which boob fed baby that day.

Plug in each time you feed back or change his diaper (and provide exciting details about the diaper’s contents!) to keep track of the millionth diaper change that day.

When you’re sleep deprived and stressed, it’s amazingly reassuring to have the details of your baby’s life stored inside the app. Seriously, we ❤️ you BabyConnect.

An entertainment app of choice

Staring into your little one’s eyes while breastfeeding her is an amazing experience—and important way to bond, but you may want to give yourself an occasional mental break from the marathon of feeding baby, too.

Whatever your vice (or virtue!) you’ll need a little bit of help staying entertained (and conscious!) during those early long feeding sessions.

Love celebrity gossip? (Us, too!) Download the People Magazine CelebWatch app for all the Kardashian news your little heart you can handle.

News junkie? (Join the club!) NYT Now is a free news app from The New York Times that gives you breaking news headlines and tons of updates throughout the day to keep you in-the-know.

DIY-er? (Go, girl!) Brit + Co’s app is chock full of fun crafting articles, inspiring tutorials and all the pie crust tips you ever wanted to read.

Addicted to social? (Obvi.) Between Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, well our fingers are just getting tired with all the liking and snapping swiping we’re thinking about doing. (And check out #TeamMotherly on Insta for candid moments of motherhood from our amazing community—share yours.)

Share with Motherly: What are your lifesaving (and sanity-saving) apps for new motherhood?

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