A guilt-free guide to working motherhood: 5 reasons you’re going to rock this

1. Because you’re building that nest egg.

A guilt-free guide to working motherhood: 5 reasons you’re going to rock this

You're building that nest egg.

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It’s true that the cost of childcare can be exorbitantly high, leading many mamas to wonder, What’s the point of working so hard if I’m just going to pay it all in childcare anyway?

We get it. In the short term, the numbers sometimes don’t make a lot of sense.

But if you choose to work, it’s crucial to see the long-term vision: By working now, you are (literally) investing in your future—building retirement savings, funding high-quality childcare for your kids and getting ahead at work.

All of that means that down the line, you’ll have more money in savings, smart kids and more possibilities for professional leadership and growth.

You know the upside.

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You may have heard that the daughters of working mothers out-earn and out-lead others, and that the sons of working women do more household chores as adults. (Score!)

So pat yourself on the back, mama, because you are doing good for your family.

By modeling what a strong woman looks like—and how she and her partner can create an equal, give-and-take relationship at home—children are learning more than you know.

You're prepared.

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Millennial women are highly educated—more highly educated than their male counterparts.

In many cities, millennial women actually out-earn men.

Millennials are much more supportive of working mothers than previous generations—so you have the culture on your side.

You’ve got the degrees, you’ve got the experience, you’ve got the support.

You’ve got this.

You ask for what you need.

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If you need flexibility, you ask for it. (Here are some tips on that negotiation.)

If you want to work part-time, you make a proposal for how you can make it work.

If you need pumping time and space, you assert your rights.

By speaking up for what you need, you’re showing how dynamic modern mothers are, and you’re making it easier for women who come after you.

That makes you a leader.

And THAT makes you awesome.

You're here with us.

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Motherly believes deeply that no woman should have to navigate new motherhood by herself.

That’s why we’re building a community of expert leaders and inspiring women to help each of us remember that we are not alone.

Motherhood is so much better when we remember that we’re all in it together. Because we are.

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