We’re declaring
2020 The Year
of the Mother.


In 2020, we’re joining the movement, standing with organizations and advocacy groups fighting to get American mothers the support they need and deserve.

But we can’t do it without YOU. We are calling on our community of 30 million women who read or watch Motherly content each month to help us seize this moment of pivotal change by declaring 2020 the #yearofthemother on January 20, 2020 and join the conversation. ...MORE

For too long, the issues that women, children and families face have been treated as less important. The responsibilities of motherhood considered a departure from “real” work. The duties of family life the problem of those who chose to have children. The health of women, children and families, less important than other government priorities.

In 2019, Motherly’s second annual State of Motherhood survey revealed 85% of American mothers say that society doesn’t understand or support them.

This is why Motherly is joining forces with Mom Congress, a coalition of non-profit organizations and individuals. We want to use our platform to amplify the work of those fighting to get America’s mothers the support they need. ...LESS

It’s time to take motherhood
I declare 2020 the #yearofthemother because
It’s time for paid family leave in America.
Americans all over the political spectrum have recognized how important it is for the United States to shed this reputation. A 2017 study on the impact of paid parental leave policies on infant mortality notes: “The policy implications are clear for the United States: instituting job-protected paid parental leave will save infant lives. Here are 4 more crucial reasons why America must prioritize paid leave.”
Our country has a maternal health crisis that must be addressed.
The United States has the highest rate of maternal deaths in the developed world. Giving birth in America is shockingly dangerous, black mothers are three to four times more likely to die during or after pregnancy or birth and Native American and Native Alaskan mothers are also dying from complications in childbirth at a disproportionate rate. Systemic racism, socioeconomic disparities, heteronormative expectations and unequal access to healthcare are hurting mothers and babies.
Mothers should get support however they feed their babies.
Our society places an incredible amount of pressure on new mothers to exclusively breastfeed, something that feels crucial yet nearly impossible for the 1 in 4 American women who must return to work within two weeks of giving birth because as few as 12% of American workers have access to paid leave.
Families need affordable childcare solutions.
Returning to work means childcare is crucial, but quality child care remains out of reach for many as the cost of day care is as much as rent in many American cities. The high cost of childcare is keeping women from earning and contributing to the economy: Motherly’s second annual state of Motherhood survey found 50% of Millennial moms report making a change to their work status since becoming a mother. Some work fewer hours, some shift from full to part-time and some leave the workforce entirely.
Mothers deserve better maternal health support.
Our society needs to address the cultural expectations that contribute to mental stress.

Research suggests America’s mothers are the most stressed moms in the western world. We are parenting under intense and incompatible cultural pressures and doing way more than our fair share of unpaid work while increasingly serving as household breadwinners.

Today’s mothers are stressed out and burned out and deserve better. Today’s mothers are better educated than any generation before, working more than ever before, and our governmental policies, corporate governance, and culture have not adjusted to provide the support needed to ensure mamas and families thrive. We stand with and for America’s mothers, not a political party, and advocate for solutions that will reduce maternal stress and benefit women, families, and the country.

We begin
January 20.
Mark your calendar to promote the official launch of the #yearofthemother campaign on January 20, 2020 on social media.
We begin
January 20.
Mark your calendar to promote the official launch of the #yearofthemother campaign on January 20, 2020 on social media.
It’s time we take motherhood seriously—it’s time we take ourselves as mothers seriously and demand change, moving what has been treated as niche issues into the mainstream. Because the reality is, motherhood is one of the most universal experiences that we as human beings share.
Motherly CEO + Co-founder, @jillkoziol
This is the year that all mothers should raise their voices to improve support for motherhood. Mom Congress is proud to be a home for mothers interested in advancing legislative policy change. We give mothers the tools, confidence and opportunities to raise their voices together.
Mom Congress
America’s mothers need support
and 2020 is the year we get it.
Stay involved all year
Stay involved all year
Take the #yearofthemother Pledge
and declare how you are taking at least one strong action to support motherhood in 2020. For example, you might pledge to submit a request for a pumping room on behalf of the moms in your workplace. Then, share your personal pledge on social media with our hashtag #yearofthemother.
Buy and wear #yearofthemother
swag to promote the cause without even saying a word, including a beautiful hair tie bracelet by Maria Shereen.
Write your federal congress member, senator, or favorite presidential candidate
to ask for their support. (It’s easier than you think―here’s how to do it.)
Start a conversation
in your community by hosting a #yearofthemother meetup in your home or a favorite local location. Create your own questions to start a meaningful conversation, or use our Conversation Toolkit.
Join Mom Congress.
Mom Congress is where mothers learn how to lend their voices to pressing national policy issues affecting motherhood with real-time calls to action and the ability to meet with lawmakers together. Learn more here.
Raise your voice in the presidential, congressional and state election on November 3, 2020, and let our representatives know that mothers will be heard.
Raise your voice in the presidential, congressional and state election on November 3, 2020, and let our representatives know that mothers will be heard.
Are you a brand or advocacy group
who wants to support our mission?
Join us

Congratulations, mama—you’ve taken the first step toward supporting mothers everywhere.

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