Carolina Romanyuk

Until 6 years ago, Carolina Romanyuk used to work with the sharks on Wall Street. And now, she has a much tougher job...They call her the Baby Sleep Boss. Carolina is an Award winning Pediatric Sleep Consultant specializing in Gentle Sleep Results. She is also a mentor on the board for the Family Sleep Institute, a Published author and Co-Host of Snooze News, with Dr. Jordan Stern. Not to forget, a mama to 2 well rested and adventurous boys. Carolina works with families worldwide via virtual and in-person sessions. With hundreds of successful sleep cases using her trademarked program,"Sleep Trifecta: 3 Steps to Sleep Success", she achieves blissful sleep with minimal tears, love and guidance. A dream come true for tired parents! You can meet Carolina @carolinasleepboss or www.carolinaromanyuk.com


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