As you go through pregnancy and the postpartum phase, one word that accurately describes the changes to your body is miraculous. Truly, it’s nothing short of incredible to grow and nurture a human being. But—real talk?—these physical changes can also bring about some complicated emotions and it can be a struggle to regain body confidence after having a baby.

That’s why we love Belly Bandit postpartum shapewear: Founded by sisters, the Belly Bandit team gets this journey and they offer the products to help all women feel their best—before, during and after pregnancy. In fact, the company was launched more than 10 years ago after one co-founder’s awkward encounter with a well-meaning person who assumed she was pregnant. (Hint: She recently had a baby. Double hint: DON’T ASSUME ANYONE IS PREGNANT.)

Inspired by that cringey moment, the new mama and her two sisters teamed up to create postpartum and pregnancy shapewear plus more. And while shapewear is traditionally a secretive undergarment that doesn’t receive a whole lot of attention, Belly Bandit proudly brings this topic into the light—because the more we see our experiences reflected by others, the easier they can be to handle.

What makes Belly Bandit postpartum shapewear different

Belly Bandit gets that postpartum mamas have unique wants and needs. We’re not about to sacrifice our comfort when we’re already short on things like sleep and personal time! Belly Bandit rose to the challenge of creating effective and truly wearable shapewear by using proprietary fabrics for their Belly Wraps and Mother Tucker products.

By stretching in the places you want and holding in the places you need, you can get a smoothing fit without feeling like you’re laced into a corset. There are even products designed to support you and your body while overcoming common postpartum discomforts—like wraps that help with Diastasis Recti or C-section recovery.

When it comes to your postpartum shapewear, this isn’t just about supporting your physical body—but also about supporting yourself as you transition into this beautiful new phase of life. Many of Belly Bandit’s products even work as supportive pregnancy shapewear and well past the Fourth Trimester, so hang onto them if you plan to grow your family.

Here are our favorite products from Belly Bandit to help you look and feel your best.


Belly Bandit BFF Postpartum Compression Wrap - Postpartum Shapewear

Belly Bandit


1. BFF Postpartum Compression Wrap

Inspired by the centuries-old tradition of postpartum belly binding, Belly Bandit modernized the practice to help support your belly, waist and hips post-delivery. With the BFF Postpartum Compression Wrap, you can find the right fit for you by adjusting the bands until they are just right. And, listen up, C-section mamas: The International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics found that abdominal binders can be effective ways to reduce pain after delivery.

Mother Tucker Compression Shorts - Postpartum Shapewear

Belly Bandit


2. Mother Tucker Compression Shorts

Made with a seamless, breathable knit designed to smooth the tummy, tush and thighs, these compressions shorts are the answer to the age-old problem of chafing. We love that they are so low-maintenance, too: They will hold their shape (and yours!) even after multiple cycles through the washing machine.

Mother Tucker Active Capri Leggings

Belly Bandit


3. Mother Tucker Active Capri Leggings

Whether you’re getting back into a workout routine or—let’s be honest—working up your sweat just by keeping up with kids, these high-support and high-compression leggings are up to the challenge. With moisture-wicking materials and flattering high-waist coverage, these are a great wardrobe go-to even on “rest days.”

Postpartum Sculpting Girdle1 black front 2400X3680 76e034ef 01c8 4261 a134 dcf9cca54d09 1000x

Belly Bandit


4. Postpartum Sculpting Girdle

With two layers of SecureStretch fabric to compress swollen abdominal area, this girdle will help you “get over the postpartum hurdle.” It works in two amazing ways: It slims your core and supports your body after delivery by reducing pain and swelling. Cesarean birth mamas rave about the comfort over incision sites.