Sleep sacks are the perfect way to ensure your baby or toddler stays cozy and warm without overheating. Even the hospital where I delivered my babies understands the value of sleep sacks—every newborn goes home with one! They truly are the best alternative to loose blankets, which aren’t safe for babies and can be tricky for toddlers who move around like crazy in their sleep.

If your little one is growing out of their sleep sacks and entering toddlerhood, but you’re not ready for blankets just yet, there are a variety of toddler sleep sacks that come in extended sizes.

Wearable blankets aren’t just a must-have for infants, they’re a great option for toddlers, too.

Plus, a toddler that wears a sleep sack can’t really climb out of the crib the way a toddler without the sleep sack barrier might be able to…just saying! Warmth isn’t the only reason we love toddler sleep sacks.

Without further ado, here is a roundup of the best toddler sleep sacks so you and your kiddo can sleep safely and soundly all night long.

Best toddler sleep sacks

milimili kona banana wearable blanket



Kona Banana Wearable Blanket

MiliMili knocks it out of the park with all their colorful sleep sacks, but the Kona Banana print is our ultimate favorite. The adorable wearable blanket is soft, comfy, and made from high-quality bamboo jersey fabric, which is great for toddlers’ sensitive skin. There’s a dual zipper, which means it opens at the top and the bottom so zipping up at bedtime or after a diaper change is a cinch! There’s a tab that covers the zipper so it protects your toddler’s chin and keeps them from unzipping themselves through the night. As one of the longest on the market, it will fit kids up to 42″tall.

baby deedee sleep sack

baby deedee


Fleece Kicker Sack

A cozy, mid-weight sleep sack that’s perfect for movers and shakers! The walker-style bag is made from soft and snuggly fleece that layers well for year-round use and fits kiddos up to 41.5 inches tall. The dark colors are a nice touch for toddlers who can’t help but get everything they wear stained within five hot seconds but our favorite feature are the pockets. What do sleep-bound toddlers have to hold onto? Who’s to say. But they can always find something, right?

woolino 4 season toddler sleep sack



Four Season Merino Wool Sleep Sack

A top-rated favorite across all their styles, the Australian brand Woolino gets high marks for quality and durability. At $124.99, it’s certainly pricey but the built-to-last merino wool style is designed for four season wearability, keeping little ones cool in the summer and warm when the temperatures drop. It features an inverted zipper for easy diaper changes, shoulder snaps and under-arm snaps to adjust the fit. But our favorite feature? Seatbelt slots that make the transition from car ride naps to bedtime bliss easy-peasy. (Well, as easy as it ever is, right?)

ergo baby on the move sleep bag



On the Move Sleep Bag

Got a hot sleeper on your hands? ergobaby’s walker style is made from 100% cotton which is light and cool. It also makes it a great option for summer! The style is actually a 2-in-1 as it can convert to a traditional sleep sack if you’d rather keep the options open. There’s a two-way zipper, but the totally clutch feature is the seatbelt slot. No more waking them up when it’s time to get ready for bed! Zip them up before you hit the road (or the sidewalk) and you’ll marvel at just what a pro you are. (This sleep sack is sized up to size 36 months and measures up to 38″ long.)

molis and co muslin sleep sack

Molis & Co.


Muslin Sleep Sack

We all love a good muslin blanket, right? They’re so soft, comfortable, and durable. This toddler sleep sack comes in that same popular muslin material, which means it’s light but also keeps your little one warm enough through the night. This one comes in a variety of patterns and colors, and goes up to size 36 months.



Preschooler Sleep Suit Bag

For a one stop shop that takes out all the guesswork, look no further than Australian-based ergoPouch. Made from natural fibers and GOTS certified organic cotton, their sleep sacks are sized all the way up to age six (!) and available in three TOG-rated (Thermal Overall Grade) styles: Sleeveless, short-sleeved and long-sleeved. Each style can transition between sack style and walker style with a four-way zipper that makes middle of the night bathroom trips as easy as possible. Other features we’re totally smitten with? Grippers on the feet to save them from wipeouts and a stroller slot to save your sanity.



kyte baby sleep bag

Kyte Baby


2.5 Tog Sleep Bag Walker

Sometimes toddlers are little Houdinis, right? They can figure out how to get unzipped and undressed in the blink of an eye. Luckily, this Kyte Baby Sleep Walker is for your kiddo on-the-go. The soft fabric keeps body heat in while allowing mobility. It comes in tons of gorgeous colors and can fit toddlers up to 4T!

halo big kids sleep sack



Big Kids Sleep Sack

Everyone’s favorite go-to sleep sack brand, HALO, has this awesome big-kid option that goes up to size 5T! It’s made from a polyester knit fabric, which makes it good for warmer nights and also can be layered with cozier pajamas for cooler weather. These types of sleeps sacks allow plenty of room for hips and legs to move around and kick.

A version of this story was published June 8, 2021. It has been updated.