Easy Thanksgiving recipes that are sure to please any crowd? Sign us up! The holidays can be a stressful time when it comes to menu planning, and no one knows that better than Team Motherly.

In order to inspire your Thanksgiving meal planning while keeping things as easy (and appetizing) as possible, we're sharing some of our go-to dishes for a memorable family meal.

Some of these recipes have been passed down from generation to generation in our own family, and others are just some delicious dishes we've discovered along the way!

Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake

"I've never been the hugest pumpkin pie fan, but I still eat it each year because it feels traditional. Well, last year, when the pandemic forced us to spend Thanksgiving with just our little family, I took the opportunity to redefine tradition and remixed the pumpkin pie with something I've never shied away from: cheesecake. This recipe was suggested to me by several different friends, and it was easy and so delectable I've decided that this is my official new dessert tradition."

-Shannon Vestal Robson, Editorial Director

Creamed Spinach

"Yes, I know I am suggesting a (gasp!) VEGETABLE in a Thanksgiving dish roundup, but hear me out: adding a little roughage and greenery to your plate feels like a nice little balance, and come on, this spinach is CREAMED. It's honestly so decadent that no one who tries it will bat an eye. Plus, if you are hosting anyone who is vegan or avoids dairy, this recipe can be made with coconut milk, which is how I prefer it."

-Shannon Vestal Robson, Editorial Director

Artichoke Olive Crostini

"Filling up on apps prior to the big feast is a no-no, which is why I always like to bring a handful of dips, crackers, and veggies for pre-dinner snacking. This one in particular is always a home run. And, with only 4 simple ingredients you throw into a food processor, I love that it's easy to pull together. It's so good that even my toddler will chow down on it—I just have to hover to ensure he doesn't double-dip."

-Erin Lem, Vice President, Content Strategy

Chocolate Delight Layered Pudding

"Ever since I was little, my family made what we lovingly call "Coolwhip dessert", which are bars that include layers of cool whip and chocolate pudding, all on top of a nutty buttery crumble. I always thought it was just a recipe specific to my family until I saw it pop up on Pinterest. The chocolate pudding is a great alternative for those who aren't big pie fans. This recipe from Kim's Cravings is the closest I found to what my family makes yearly."

-Erin Lem, Vice President, Content Strategy

Iron-Skillet Apple Pie

"One infamous year I volunteered to make pies for my family's Thanksgiving feast. I had seen my MIL make her famous pie crusts countless times—how hard could this be? Well, I almost had a toddler-sized meltdown when the crust just broke multiple times. Ever since that fateful day, if I am saddled with making pie, I resort to a recipe like this one that uses a skillet. You get the same great taste without the hassle of having to make multiple pie crusts. And, if you do go to the store for frozen pre-made crusts, chances are, nobody will be the wiser."

-Erin Lem, Vice President, Content Strategy

Pumpkin Crunch Cake

"Even if you're not a pumpkin pie fan, you have to try this recipe! Easy to make and a crowd-favorite every time, this is the perfect dessert to top off your eating festivities. Pro tip: Only cover half the pan with pecans. They're not everyone's thing."

-Hayli Craig, Editorial Operations Coordinator

Maple & Cayenne Brussels Sprouts

"This sweet and spicy recipe is my go-to when I have a bunch of Brussels sprouts on hand—and makes a simple yet delicious addition to the Thanksgiving table. A trick I swear by to get them to roast up beautifully? Toss in a bowl with avocado oil (which I prefer over olive oil for high-heat cooking) and then place cut-side down on the baking sheet. It takes a little patience to get these cuties all lined up, but that brown crispiness is worth it. The cayenne-maple drizzle at the end is *chef’s kiss*."

-Jessica D'Argenio Waller, Health + Wellness Senior Editor

Cranberry Brie Bites

"This delicious and festive appetizer has only THREE ingredients. In my family, baked brie is a holiday party must-have but it's presentation can get a little messy and it's hard to get the perfect bite of brie, puff pastry and fruit jam. Enter—baked brie bites. These little guys are pre-portioned and can be whipped up in under 30 minutes. Also, the options to elevate and customize them are endless. Super busy? Leave them as is, trust me they are good on their own. Feeling creative? Top them with fresh rosemary, nuts, apples or bacon, really anything!"

-Amanda Heary, Video Producer

Goat Cheese Balls

"Totally easy, amazing and did I say 'easy?'"

-Julie Tozer, Vice President, Brand + Emerging Business

Thanksgiving Cheese Board

"This Thanksgiving Cheese Board requires exactly ZERO cooking which is right up my alley. Plus, it looks absolutely amazing on the table as guests arrive. Just add a bottle of wine and you're good to go!"

-Jordan Strohl, Director of Social Media

One-Pan/One-Pot Thanksgiving Dinner

"Thanksgiving is smaller in recent years due to COVID and with my small family of four I wanted to celebrate but not feel overwhelmed and this one-pan, one-pot Thanksgiving dinner was exactly what I needed. I cooked everything as outlined last year and it was perfection! The stuffing and Brussels sprouts were my favorite. But the best part of was clean-up!"

-Jill Koziol, CEO

Green Bean Casserole

"This green bean casserole will change your life. It's not the simplest recipe, but it can be made in one skillet - and it's so worth it. Do NOT skip the crispy onions (in fact, double them for snacking purposes)."

-Allie Litwak, Senior Director, Brand Partnerships

Watergate Salad

"This recipe is from my childhood, it is something that my family passed. Thanksgiving dinner can be heavy with all of the comfort food, I always loved how this was something lighter and refreshing." (Nuts are optional, and you can substitute the canned pineapple for fruit cocktail.)

-Tonika Starks, Director of People

Classic Cheesecake

"I think this might be the perfect classic cheesecake recipe. anything that is left over is claimed pretty quickly. It typically doesn't crack when I make it either, which is a serious type A baker perk. the secret is to make it the night before, turn off the oven when it's done cooking but leave it in there until you wake up in the morning!"

-Jen Watro, Head of Audience Development

Carrot Soufflé

"Don't worry if you don't have carrot lovers—this is something everyone loves! Puff sweet perfection—it's easy to make, always turns out well, and is a great balance to the savory goodness of the rest of the Thanksgiving meal. This has never made the leftover roster in our household!"

-Anne-Marie Gambelin, Science + Research Editor

Boxed Stuffing Upgrade

"I'm all about cooking shortcuts, especially when I'm cooking for 12! These boxed stuffing upgrades are all amazing, especially the sausage and caramelized onion version, which feels the most classic to me. No one will know you didn't make this from scratch."

-Andrea Sexton, Vice President, Brand Partnerships

The Easiest, Best-Tasting Turkey You'll Ever Eat

"Ah, the best for last. Turkey gets a bad rap because people don't think it's as exciting as Thanksgiving side dishes. I refute any and all turkey slander. There is no excuse for dry, bland turkey when making a delicious bird is so easy! I've been cooking this classic recipe for five years, and I don't know what fills me up more—the leftovers, or all the compliments I've received thanks to this recipe."

-Cassandra Stone, Trending Editor