Planning to get pregnant soon, or actively trying to conceive? You can’t go wrong by adding these fertility diet superfoods to your grocery shopping list and cooking them any way you like. Simply print this shopping list, shared by registered dietitian and fertility nutrition expert Dara Godfrey, and take it to the grocery store. These foods are rich in the essential vitamins and minerals you need to achieve and sustain a healthy pregnancy.


Loads of folate, fiber and vitamin C.

Eggs fortified with omega-3

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They contain omega-3’s, protein and choline.

Sunflower seeds

They’ve got folate and serve as another meatless source of protein.


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In addition to making you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation, eating oranges or drinking OJ provides vitamin C and folate.

Wild-caught salmon

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The fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein and iron.

Shreddies cereal

The uber-healthy breakfast cereal is a go-to source of iron and fiber.


A serving of this stuff contains calcium, probiotics and folate.


They contain folate, fiber, protein and iron.


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The good kind of fat. They’re also a natural source of folate.


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This fatty nut is brimming with omega-3’s, calcium and potassium.

Red peppers

These bad boys are packed with vitamin C and folate.

Black beans

Good for your… baby-making. Plus they contain iron and protein, and have loads of fiber and calcium.


In addition to being the cool kid on salad street, kale has you covered with folate, iron and fiber.


The old faithful breakfast food is full of iron and fiber, and is a meatless source of protein.


They contain calcium, omega-3’s, protein and vitamin D.