Oh, Kristen Bell—the mama who never fails to make us laugh every time we scroll through social media and always reminds us to embrace motherhood to the fullest. And last week was no different. On Instagram Stories, Bell posted the sometimes brutal reality of going grocery shopping with kids in tow.

Spoiler alert: It’s not peacefully walking down the aisles and grabbing what we need from our shopping list. It can be a downright war zone. (Just kidding...but not really).

“I am currently walking through the grocery store being assaulted by a toddler with stickers and not a single person is calling the police,” she captioned a photo of her sans-makeup. The stickers are on her face, in her hair, on her chest. You know, a typical day in the life of a toddler mama.

We love just how real Bell is with parenting. It’s not all fun and games, but we do love our littles one too much to care. If we didn’t poke fun at what has become of our used-to-be-mundane tasks, like grocery shopping, we wouldn’t get through our days. From Bell’s breast-pump mishap shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to swinging from the IV pole during labor, Bell continually shows us the not-so-glamorous side to being a mama. Even laughing at the fact that her children love Elsa from Frozen more so than Anna, the character she voiced.

So, next time you feel like melting into the floor at the grocery store because your toddler is throwing a tantrum or attacking you with stickers, take a moment and think, “What would Kristen Bell do?” Have a laugh, share it with others who just get it, and go onward, mama. Or, invite someone over so you can go grocery shopping alone for a little me-time this week.