Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away, moms were not supposed to go to music festivals. Flower crowns, crochet tops, flowy maxi skirts and a giant breast pump bag? Not so much.

But in the last few years, we’ve seen more and more moms hitting the music festival scene. And they’re not just making it work, they’re working it. This year, Coachella got came prepared. Here are 5 things we saw on the music festival scene that are making us excited to get our Mom BFFs on board for Coachella (ahem Momchella) next year (plus one thing that we could do without).

1. A mobile milk truck. The truck was on site for mamas who needed to pump or Facetime with their kiddos. Breast pumps were on board, so nursing moms didn’t even have to worry about packing theirs. And get this: the truck even included 72-hours of milk refrigeration! And with added freebies from companies like Bamboobies breast pads and Milkmakers lactation cookies, it’s like the folks at Coachella are begging us to come.

2. Pool party for the kids too! This year’s Coachella was pretty family friendly, too. Yep. You could even bring your kiddos for the most epic pool party — if you were able to snag an invite. Mama Mirage 2018 put all other parties to shame with its amazing palm springs pool vibes, delicious spread and insane giveaway swag from companies like Cybex, TOMS and Babyganics. How can we get an invite for next year?! Seriously. We’re asking.

3. Mom fashion in full swing. And as far as festival threads, moms were slaying Coachella like a catwalk at New York Fashion Week. Floral dresses, floppy hats, and fringe, fringe, fringe. We say keep the festival vibes going all season long with some round sunnies and a fringe vest. Life’s a runway, right?

4. Queen Bey and Blue Ivy twinning. The mom-and-daughter duo were giving us major twinning envy with their matching hot pink sweatshirts. So cool. Beyonce’s first born got front row seating with papa Jay-Z for the insane show. And how awesome it must have been for mama Bey to look out in the crowd and see two of her favorite people singing along.

5. Twerking with a bump. In a not so family friendly moment, Cardi B let the world know a little pregnancy wasn’t going to keep her from getting freaky on stage. The rapper and soon-to-be mama twerked her heart out, and some people are loving it for the fact that she isn’t letting pregnancy change who she is. Once a twerker, always a twerker? We should cross stitch that on something.

6. It wouldn’t be Momchella without a little mom-shaming. But in all of these glorious mom moments, Behati Prinsloo, model / mama / wife to Adam Levine, took the brunt of some pretty severe mom shaming during the festival. Like any social media maven, Prinsloo posted pics and videos from her Coachella experience. Dancing, drinking, pumping — you know, the normal stuff. It was a picture of her pump and dump that set the internet ablaze with unnecessary judgment: moms berating her for dumping.

The whole pump and dump scandal gave us flashbacks to last year’s burning man when Thinx founder Miki Agrawal PUMPED AND THEN BARTERED HER BREAST MILK. People drank it straight, used it for lattes and who knows what else. So, yeah.

We can’t wait to see what Coachella has in store for moms next year.

Is it too early to start calling it Momchella? Okay, okay. We’ll workshop the name.

Photo by Hannah Verbeuren, via LA Weekly.