She's already a mom of two, but Chrissy Teigen says she and John Legend may not be done building their family just yet. Teigen talks about her family plans in a new interview with People , noting that she and John still have some embryos waiting, should they decided to grow their family further. (Both Miles and Luna were conceived via in vitro fertilization.)
"John wants however many kids I want. That's the good thing with John—he is down for it," Teigen told People , adding that she's not in a big hurry to be pregnant again right away. "Are we ready right now? No! I really love having two, but I think when I'm 70, I'll look back and say, 'Oh, I wish I had more.' I can't see myself regretting having a ton of kids." Teigen says she's happy her kids arrived when and how they did, nothing that "Miles was actually made at the same time as Luna...They were sharing the same little petri dish together," and that while "it'd be awesome" to have a baby in the future without all the planning that goes into IVF, she's "totally fine" with it not happening spontaneously either. "I've been in a position where we've been able to control it—the timing and scheduling. It would be chaos otherwise—but I love chaos too," shares Teigen.
Motherhood is all about loving the chaos while maintaining at least some level of control, and it's clear that Teigen is a mama who has found that balance. Since becoming a mama she's spoken candidly about postpartum bodies, changing the narrative from celebrating snapbacks to celebrating stretch marks and mesh panties. If Teigen does decide she wants more kids, we (like John) are totally down for it, because it will likely mean we get another helping of fresh parenting honesty from this celebrity mama.

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