The 20 most popular baby names in the United States right now

Every year, the Social Security Administration puts out its top 10 list of the most popular names for American boys and girls. For babies born in 2019, Liam and Olivia reigned supreme… or did they?

It turns out that the list isn't taking into consideration one key component of a baby name: how to spell it. It's called the Playground Analysis, and if you've ever called your little Olivia on the playground and had a little Alivia (or Alivya) come running instead, you'll get why. crunched the numbers and found that two totally different names were actually the most common in 2019: Sophia and Jackson. Or should we say Sofia and Jaxon? Or Sofiya and Jaxsyn? Jackson didn't make the SSA's top 10 list at all—but 9 different spelling variations propelled it to Nameberry's top spot.

Sophia, meanwhile, clocks in at number four on the SSA list, while Sofia stands at number 17. Combine them and you've got a lot of little girls who are going to have to use their last initial once they enter school in a few years.

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Other baby girl names saw even bigger jumps up Nameberry's list. Adeline, for example, hops from the 91st spot on the SSA list all the way into Nameberry's top 10. It makes total sense when you consider there are so many different ways to spell it: Adalynn, Adelynne, Adilene, to name just a few. Nameberry tracked almost 20 alternate spellings that parents have come up with.

Among boy names, Aiden shot up the popularity rankings on the strength of more than a dozen different spellings (Aidan, Ayden, Aden, Adin, etc.), from 20 on the SSA list to 4 on Nameberry's. Variants of the similar-sounding Kayden saw a big jump too, pushing it from 97 all the way up to number 12.

Here's Nameberry's full list, including the position each name held on the SSA list in parenthesis.


  1. Jackson (17)
  2. Liam (1)
  3. Noah (2)
  4. Aiden (20)
  5. Lucas (8)
  6. Elijah (5)
  7. Oliver (3)
  8. Grayson (33)
  9. William (4)
  10. James (6)


  1. Sophia (4)
  2. Olivia (1)
  3. Amelia (7)
  4. Emma (2)
  5. Ava (3)
  6. Isabella (5)
  7. Aria (20)
  8. Charlotte (6)
  9. Mia(8)
  10. Adeline (91)
Parents who want their kid's name to stand out in a crowd are definitely going to need to check these lists twice.

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