Election day is tomorrow, but parents across the country have been voting for weeks now. It’s an election year that is unprecedented for two reasons 1) the never-ending pandemic still spiking in cases in almost every state in the U.S. , and 2) the level of early voting that has already happened, surpassing the total votes in the 2016 election in some counties.

Parents are taking their children to vote , whatever that looks to them: polls or drop-boxes. Some are teaching them their civic duty, others have no childcare, some shared tips on how to vote with toddlers and others reminded us they are voting for them .

Regardless of why or how they’ve voted, these parents are restoring our faith in the democratic process of a presidential election, so to them, thank you.

Here are 20 powerful voting stories parents are sharing right now:

1. My grandmother was 31 when she got the right to vote

2. Voted for the first time in my life!

3. This country welcomed me 12 years ago

4. My daughter is 10 years away from her first vote

5. My girls are the future

6. Voting is a family affair

7. Toddler voting tips!

8. Get your vote in during nap time

9. Democracy in action

10.  My first time voting as an American citizen

11.  Baby bump wants to vote, too

12.  Voting with my parents in Tennessee

13.  Voting is a lesson in courage

14.  Make sure you have a plan to vote

15.  I voted with positivity and hope

16.  I am leading by example

17.  It’s a father-son moment

18.  The wait was long, but worth it

19.  Don’t forget your American flag

20.  We voted as a unit ❤️

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