Reddit’s “AITA” forum can always be counted on for interesting stories. Everyone gives their opinions, siding with or against the author, and it’s an all-around amusing time. Recently, a mom shared a story about her son’s teacher commenting on his lunch and the escalating situation is enough to make you shake your head.

“I (34F) have a (5M) son who attends preschool,” the mom wrote on the forum. “A few hours after I picked him up from school today, I got a phone call from his teacher. She made absolutely no effort to sound kind when she, in an extremely rude and annoyed tone, told me to stop packing my son such “disgusting and inappropriate” lunches.”

“I felt absolutely appalled when she said this, as me and the teacher have, up until now, always maintained a very friendly relationship.” the author continued. “She added that the lunches I’m packing my son are ‘very distracting for the other students and have an unpleasant odor.’ I told her that I understand her concerns, as the lunches I pack are definitely not the healthiest, but the lunches are according to my son’s preferences.”

At this point, you might be wondering what exactly could be so “inappropriate” that it warrants this kind of reaction from the teacher. Don’t worry, she gives us all of the delicious details. Because yes, his lunch sounds delicious.

“The usual lunch that I send him to school with is small celery sticks with blue cheese and goat cheese, kimchi and spam (we are Korean and he absolutely adores this dish), and spicy Doritos marinated in Sriracha (I know, I know, but he deserves a snack, and I don’t put that many chips in the baggy.),” she wrote. 

Packing your child’s lunch can be a frustrating battle between choosing something healthy and choosing something you know they’ll actually eat. How many times does your heart sink because your child comes back home with a full lunchbox?

This child’s lunch is representative of his culture and there is nothing at all wrong with that. If anything, the teacher could have used this as a teaching moment and started a conversation with her students about inclusivity and food from different cultures.

“I ended the call by saying that I very much appreciated her worries, but that at the end of the day, I am not going to drastically change my sons’ lunches all of a sudden, and that it’s not my fault if other students are ‘distracted’ by his meal. It is very important to me what my son enjoys, and I want him to like my lunches.”

The situation escalated with an email from the teacher saying that the lunches are “just too inappropriate to be sent to school any longer.” The mom ended her post by sharing she’s at a loss for what to do next.

Commenters were quick to defend the mom and point out that the issue lies with the teacher.

“No no. It’s so much worse. She GASP sent him with totally normal food that the sheltered teacher isn’t familiar with”

“NTA. A lot of 2nd generation immigrants are ashamed to bring their food in public because of people like this teacher, who clearly is very intolerant. Asian food is not inappropriate she is.”

“Go to the principal, or school board. Or both.”