Have you ever tried to advocate for yourself at the hospital but it feels as though you’re screaming into a void? Having medical pain dismissed by doctors is, unfortunately, not a new thing for women. But, this woman’s appendicitis viral TikTok video, just might take the cake.

Amanda Buschelman, an avid TikToker, recently posted a viral video sharing a story about how her “extreme” pain and health concerns were dismissed by ER doctors.

“In today’s episode of, ‘doctors should believe women,'” Buschelman starts her story, “I went to the doctor 3 weeks ago with extreme right side abdominal pain and my doctor sent me to the emergency room with suspected appendicitis.”

Buschelman says she went to the ER but instead of confirming what her doctor told her, the ER doctor said it’s actually an ovarian cyst.

“I don’t have any ovaries and I haven’t had any for 10 years,” she informed the doctor. But, despite that, she says the doctor did not believe her. Instead, he proceeded to show her scan results and point out to her where her ovaries are. He then claimed, “Maybe you just had your uterus removed.”

Buschelman, who should be nominated for some kind of award because her sarcastic voice and acting skills are (chef’s kiss) top-notch, said, “No, no I was there the day they did it. They definitely took both my ovaries that day 10 years ago, so what you’re saying, it’s not that.”

She explains how the doctor dismissed her pain, said he didn’t know what else it could be and simply sent her home like it was no big deal. The kicker is that when she later looked at her chart online, the doctor listed her as “anxious presenting.”

Women’s pain has long been a topic of contention by medical professionals. And, not in the sense that they regard it as a point that needs to be better understood but, rather, that women say we are in pain and doctors assume that that just isn’t true. NPR reports that studies show, “middle-aged women with chest pain were twice as likely to be diagnosed with a mental illness than their male counterparts. Doctors dismiss women’s health concerns.

When it comes to medical research on pain, women have historically been excluded. In fact, it wasn’t until 2016 that the National Institute of Health required sex to be a biological variable in studies.

Buschelman, who was sent home without any concern to her pain, waited it out a few days before calling her doctor again. She was advised to go back to the ER. This time the ER doctor, a different physician than the last, claimed she had a cyst on her ovary. Again!

Because they didn’t believe her about her own medical history, she explains, they looked up her charts. Finally, the doctor concedes that it’s not a cyst but actually a tumor. She then gets sent to her OBGYN, who schedules her for surgery.

“Guess what,” she says, “I had appendicitis the whole time and I had my appendix taken out along with that little tumor that isn’t an ovary.”

Her video has over a million views and thousands of comments from women who feel seen.

“I had to take pregnancy test even though I’ve had a hysterectomy. You know just in case.”

“I went in one day to for a sore throat and the NP told me my tonsils looked good. I haven’t had tonsils in 20 years 🙃😅”

“My favorite is when I shattered my ankle and the ER doc said “it was only a sprain because ‘You’re not in enough pain.’” Very, VERY wrong.”

“I love the way you told this, the absurdity of it all. I’m sorry. side note, your eye makeup is amazing”

Plus this gem, “They really accused you of “ovary acting”! 😂”