So you’ve made it to month five. Baby is more aware of her

surroundings and you might be getting a little stir-crazy in the house. So… now


Check out the suggestions below and stay tuned for more!

1. Run an errand (leave the house!)

Leaving the house seems like a monumental effort, we know.

There’s a ton of gear to bring, it’s not easy planning around his nap schedule,

and sometimes you just don’t feel like it. But make an effort to leave the

house every day – it doesn’t have to be a big shopping trip every time, but a

quick errand is a good excuse to get out and you’ll feel like you’ve

accomplished something. Pack a small backpack the night before with just the

essentials – two diapers, small package of wipes, quick change of clothes, and

extra pacifiers or a small toy. Set a goal of one errand – drop clothes off at

the cleaner’s, grab a gallon of milk, etc. – and focus on that alone. The less

stress you put yourself under to be overly prepared, the more likely you are to

just get up and go!

P.S., Many Nordstrom’s have women’s lounges that make ideal places to nurse the baby—and many stores feature delightful cafes, too. We’re just saying we *might* have counted this as an “errand.”

2. Call a friend

When your life is nothing but wall-to-wall baby, it’s easy

to lose sight of who you were before you became a mom. Once a week during

naptime, give a friend a call. It can be a quick, “hey, what’s up,” or it could

be an epic two-hour in-depth heart-to-heart. Hearing from someone who knew you

then and now can help you not only feel like yourself again, but make you feel

happy about who you’ve become. Debby Downers need not apply – reserve your

weekly call for a supportive friend who will bring you up! Maybe even plan an

outing with an old friend – if they don’t have kids, meet up in a park or have

your friend over during the week and have lunch delivered for you both.

Bonus points: If finally connect with that why-can’t-we-ever-hang-out mom friend you have?

3. Make a friend

If an old friend is unavailable or you’re ready to branch

out (and even if you’re not!), why not make a new friend? There’s that one mom

you see at every library program, or the same mom you keep bumping into in the

dairy aisle every Tuesday morning. Making new friends as adults can feel like

asking someone out on a date, but more often than not, they’re dying to make a

new friend, too, and someone has to make the first move! Making your kids the

focus can help, like say, “Aw the kids are so cute clapping together during music

class. We should have a play date when they start to crawl, but how about

grabbing some coffee while we can still contain them?” You can do this, mama –

the worst they can do is say no (and then you go get coffee by yourself.


Pro tip: Be brave and make the first move. Or try an app like The Mom Co, which locates other new mamas in your area. #DatingforMoms #This is awkward #Thisisawesome.

4. Go for a walk

Hopefully you’ve already been getting some fresh air regularly, but

now that baby is more aware than ever, it’s the perfect time to really engage

her in your surroundings. Point out squirrels running up a tree or leaves

falling around you. Repeat the names of objects you come across and imitate

sounds you hear.

PS., For an extra challenge, go for a walk in a hilly neighborhood

or plan a route on to

track your distance, calories burned, etc. Make exercise fun!