Don't blame us for counting the days until the holiday season, which kicks off with Halloween in the best season of all: fall! Pumpkin patches, apple picking, PSLs, the sound of crunching leaves as you walk—fall is honestly the happiest time of the year. And it's even more exciting if you'll be meeting your little one in the months of September, October, November or (early) December.

If this is you, then it's time to start thinking about possible baby name contenders. So, why not a name inspired by the season they're going to be born into? Despite what you might think, there are a lot more fall-inspired names out there besides Autumn. (Although, Autumn is a lovely name!)

Building off our list of November baby names, here is our full list of fall-themed baby names.

Thanksgiving is celebrated during fall, which correlates with names that mean "thankful." Some baby name options are Asher, Benedict, Zendaya, and many others on our thankful-inspired baby name list here.

In theme with Thanksgiving, a nod to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade could be a unique backstory to your baby's name. Consider Macy or York, for New York City, where the parade is hosted.

The name Aki means "fall" in Japanese whereas Jora stands for "autumn rain" in Hebrew. Teresa comes of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese origin signifying "harvest." Annona also means "harvest" and Persephone and Demeter are the Greek goddesses of harvest.

One of the most anticipated and beautiful parts of fall is when the leaves begin to change colors. In celebration of that, we've researched the coolest baby names inspired by the most popular colors you'll see all fall long.

Rowan, Rose, Ruby, Scarlett, Rory, and Phoenix are all names that symbolize the color red. Yellow and gold is another big fall color. How about the name Aurelia, Zari, Paz, or Tawny? Blane—or Blaine—also means "yellow." Names inspired by the color green include Silas, Esme, Olive, Syliva, and Forest.

Sticking with the color theme, the fall birthday months have a lot of peculiar gemstones. Consider naming your baby Sapphire, Opal, or Citrine.