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Friends, coworkers, neighbors: Motherly can help you navigate the community that supports you with advice and essays from real mamas.

Motherly Stories

If you don’t live near your village, here’s how to create one 

Do whatever it takes to get the support you need because raising children is not easy and you shouldn’t have to do it on your own.

Miscarriage & Loss

What to say when your friend has a miscarriage

"Remember you are not alone. Be gentle with yourself."

Viral & Trending

‘I’ve never seen someone put the mom first’: Sweet BFF post-birth video goes viral

"The 'I’m so proud of you' has me in tears"

Community & Friendship

This advice about making mom friends will make you want to text your BFF immediately

Making—and keeping—mom friends isn’t always easy.


Why Sheila and I can’t be friends

Here’s how I know she wasn’t the kind of friend I need as a mom: She didn’t read the room.

Community & Friendship

To my mama friend I called flakey: I’m so sorry I judged you

After becoming a mom, I get it.

Community & Friendship

Female friendships after kids—where are my friends?

Unconditional love in my female friendships looks a lot different after kids.


Broken hearts at holiday parties

While all along I was trying to find the right words, maybe all we needed was a kind way to speak.

Community & Friendship

To the moms who gave my kids their hand-me-downs—thank you

I swear, I just brought up the 18-month clothes, but now I need to get the 24-month size clothes out.

Community & Friendship

Moms don’t need a nap—we need time with good friends

Our shared experiences from years past are what will always keep us together, regardless of what the future holds.

Community & Friendship

I was ghosted by a fellow mom—here’s what I learned

My kids asked about their friends for months, leaving me sad and speechless.

Community & Friendship

A letter to friends who don’t have children

I’ll always love you, but it’s impossible to get it until you’re in it.