If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of bottle brands and varieties on the market, welcome to the club! I have four kids and the first three all used the same bottle brand with nary a problem… then baby #4 came around, and of course she decided to reinvent the wheel. I stocked up on nearly a dozen new options, painstakingly sterilizing and attempting to get her to suckle from each one—so that, ya know, I could go to the grocery store or take a shower without her needing to nurse!

Regardless of whether you’re a soon-to-be mama looking for the bottle that’s just right for you and your baby, or you’re at-the-end-of-your-rope mama who’s willing to try anything to get your fussy bambino to take a bottle, we got you with our recommendations for the best bottles for formula and breastfed babies.

Before we get started, here’s your crash course in “babas” as we lovingly call them in my household.

Why do you need bottles if you’re planning to breastfeed?

Well, as I said earlier, you’re going to likely want some space at some point—whether it’s for date night or to run errands for an hour—and to do so with some peace of mind, you’ll want your baby to be able to be fed in your absence, and a bottle is the only way it’s gonna get done (regardless of whether it’s formula or breastmilk in there!)

How many do you really need?

If you’re stocking up on bottles for the first time, you’ll want to have roughly six to eight on hand starting on day one of baby’s life. That may seem excessive, but when you consider that newborns feed eight to 12 times a day, we promise you it’s not!

What types of bottles are there?

There are glass and plastic (BPA-free, of course), and there are usually four levels of nipple size for newborns through toddlers, with the nipple size and flow growing with the babe. There are also two sizes of bottles, typically around 4- and 9-ounces—you’ll plow through the small bottles when they’re drinking smaller portions many times a day, and as solids are introduced you’ll transition to the larger bottles for fewer “meals.”

More to know: Most bottles on the market now are designed to specifically aid parents with certain pain points, like gas, colic, or—like my stubborn fourth child—a baby that simply prefers the boob.

So, there you have it mamas! Now that you’ve completed your Bottles 101, let’s dig into some recommendations, shall we?

The best bottles for formula & breastfed babies

Avent Natural Response Flow Bottles

1. Phillips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Set

Why it’s our fave: This is the brand that I used with my first three babies and each was able to seamlessly transition from boob to bottle. I attribute this to the brand’s wide, breast-shaped nipple that mimics mama. The bottle boasts an anti-colic technology that vents air towards the bottom of the bottle—and away from your baby’s belly. Parents everywhere will appreciate that this bottle only comprises three pieces, which makes cleaning and assembling easy peasy. If you’re looking for an all-around all-star bottle, this is it.

Reviewers say: “When I got these bottles I honestly didn’t think much of them and just thought they’ll be like every other bottle I’ve gotten for my newborn, but I was wrong. THEY’RE SO MUCH BETTER! … These bottles are designed to keep extra air out and it really lives up to its name.” – Kristin Guest

Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Set

2. Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Set

Why it’s our fave: If you have a gassy baby who’s suffering from colic—or you simply want to avoid colic at all cost—Dr. Brown’s bottles are the way to go. The OG of anti-colic bottles, Dr. Brown’s features a technology that routes air through vents, instead of the milk, preventing babies from ingesting bubbles and thus reducing colic, spit up, burping and gas. Another perk: These bottles fit most breast pumps (including Medela), allowing mamas to pump directly into them and avoiding messy transfers.

Reviewers say: “I bought these to make it easier to pace feed my breastfed baby. Highly highly recommend this system with the ultra preemie nipples. Makes it easier for sitter and daddy. I also get peace of mind that pace feeding is being done properly because this system with the ultra preemie nipples slows the flow.” – JT2

Comotomo Baby Bottle
$23 for a 2-pack

3. Comotomo Baby Bottle

Why it’s our fave: Definitely the prettiest bottle on our list, the Comotomo is also the trendiest—it’s beloved by celebs ranging from Kate Hudson to Kim Kardashian. And we have to agree with those A-list mamas, because the bottle’s hype is real. The nipple is hyper-realistic when it comes to replicating mama’s breast shape, and the bottle’s squeezable silicone base helps control milk flow, just as mama would massage her own breast when nursing.

While some users have complained that the bottle’s soft base can be difficult to hold on to when feeding baby, the silver lining is that the material is easier for babies to grasp and the malleable material is easier to stuff into a diaper bag side compartment! And some 4,500 Amazon reviewers have given Comotomo nearly five-stars for reasons ranging from the zero-leak nipples to the effective anti-colic valves.

Reviewers say: “These bottles are wonderful for breastfed babies and I’m willing to bet that they would also work wonderfully for formula-fed babies. I heard about them through a mom’s group on Facebook and chanced it by only registering for this brand. When my one week old had a tongue and lip tie that caused extreme pain while nursing, we tried using these bottles to give Mom a break. Luckily he took to them immediately and now at 4 weeks old still going strong! Baby also goes easily between bottle and breast, something we worried would cause an issue.” – Julia Randall

tommee tippee closer to nature
$20.50 for a 4-pack

4. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle

Why it’s our fave: With an extra wide neck and a nipple shaped like mama’s breast (making for an easy, natural latch), Tommee Tippee has gained cult status because its silicone nipple is so sensitive that it actually flexes inside baby’s mouth… just like mama’s! Comprising an antic-colic valve that creates an extra-slow flow (no bubbles = no gas!), the bottle’s curvy design is easy for to grasp and hold. And the short stout body means it’s one of the easiest bottles to clean on our list.

Reviewers say: “I absolutely love feeding my baby with these bottles. He is 10 weeks old (almost 3 months) and we are still using these. I’ve tried other bottles and these are by far the best for his AR. Other bottles he was just gulping, chocking and spitting up all the time. These ultra slow flow nipples are perfect for him. He is not gulping down his milk or chocking therefore resulting in less spit ups and less air. If you baby has acid reflux or is a spitter I recommend you give these a try.” – Maria

Nuk Simply Natural Set

5. Nuk Simply Natural Set

Why it’s our fave: The only bottle on our list with multiple nipple holes (starting at three with the “slow” flow and going up to nine with the “fast”), Nuk Simply Natural bottles aim to mimic mama’s nursing breast via a flexible nipple that moves with baby’s latch and adapts to the shape of his or her mouth. The anti-colic air system allows for baby to swallow liquid, not air (No gas! No spit up!) and because it’s built into the bottle, there are no extra parts to clean, woot woot!

Reviewers say: “The nipple on these bottles is soft and shaped like mom. My preterm baby was frustrated with harder/larger Tommee Tippee bottles that the lactation nurse suggested. They were the only ones at Buy buy baby, so we got those in a pinch… But theses NUKS blow them and all others away (Avent/Brown/Mam). They have awesome features: temperature read on the bottle to see if milk is too hot, easy to see how much milk in bottle, and cute designs. Also nice price.” – Cleo

Chicco Duo Hybrid Bottles

6. Chicco Duo Hybrid Baby Bottles Starter Set

Why it’s our fave: With the purity of glass and the durability of plastic, these bottles offer the best of both worlds. Your baby’s milk only touches pure glass, meaning no unappetizing tastes or smells—which is huge if you’re trying to get your little one to feel comfortable with a bottle. The skin-like texture of the nipple and smart design also makes it an easy transition for little ones who are used to going straight to the source.

Reviewers say: “We love this bottle and these binkies! We’ve wanted glass bottles for forever, but don’t love the idea of a fragile bottle that can’t be dropped. This is the perfect in between. We try to limit our use of plastic as much as possible, ESPECIALLY in something we’re eating or drinking from.” – Josh Y.

MAM anti colic bottles
$14.59 for a 3-pack

7. MAM Anti-Colic Bottles

Why it’s our fave: These bottles have so many things going for them it’s hard to know where to start! From the anti-colic venting to the mom-like feel to the cute designs to the competitive prices, they are perfect starter bottles. Then, with your baby’s approval, add more of these to your bottle supply!

Reviewers say: “After weeks of having a miserable newborn and changing formula many times, we opted to try new bottles. After reading tons of reviews these seemed like the best option. I am soooo glad we bought them. The design makes sense and basically allows air to escape through the bottom of the bottle so the infant isn’t swallowing as much air. They come completely apart and are super easy to wash. The lids have a little flap on the side so they can be removed easily (which are soooo much better than other brands where you can’t get the lid off). The smaller bottles come with the level one nipple, which is the newborn flow. We now have an 8-week-old and just upgraded to the larger bottles and level 2 nipples. I will highly recommend these to all of our friends with littles who have gas troubles.” – Rachel

Boon Nursh Silicone Bottles
$25 for a 3-pack

8. Boon Nursh Silicone Bottles

Why it’s our fave: The real game-changer with these bottles is the silicone interior, which shrinks down while your baby drinks to reduce air bubbles going their way. They are also convenient for parents—thanks to the design that’s completely safe to boil, freeze or microwave. Designed to mimic the feel of mom, the nipples also encourage proper tongue positioning.

Reviewers say: “I absolutely love these bottles. They are my favorite ones. So easy to use and so much better for the baby. The insert is very easy to remove to be washed and sterilized. Once dried, you simply slide it back in and it’s ready to go. The insert is made to collapse when the baby is drinking to help protect them from taking in too much or any air. The nipples are designed after a mother’s breast to make it as real as possible. They feel very natural and comfortable in my hand.” – Karrie

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