Teen Activities

Help them relax, learn and socialize with our guide to activities for teens.

Teen Activities

5 must-know college admissions tips, according to a branding expert

Ready to crack the code to college acceptance? Here’s your guide.

Viral & Trending

TikTok says they’re implementing a new time limit for users under 18

If you have a TikTok-obsessed kid, here’s some good news: the famous…


10 easy meals your tween can make themself

Empowering your child to cook for themselves is an all-around win.

Motherly Stories

When your kids are all grown up and summer doesn’t feel the same

It’s every old cliche, good-intentioned advice, “The days are long but the years are short.” But no one tells you how short.

Celebrity News

Watch Diddy start to sweat when Ellen convinces him his teen daughters are dating

You can see the actual beads of perspiration forming on his forehead, poor guy.

Motherly Stories

I complain a lot about youth sports but I’m going to miss them

Even as I sit in my folding chair watching my kids sport du jour, I can feel myself missing these days. 


These 7 Montessori phrases are perfect for school AND home

Montessori teachers use language that is intentional and chosen to foster independence.

It's Science

It’s science: Vacations make your kids happy long after they’re over

Whether you're planning a quick trip to the lake or flying the fam to a resort, the results are the same: A happier, more connected family.


I’m done feeling guilty for my child’s pandemic screen time

I'm tired of shaming myself over it, and also I'm just tired. I'm really tired.

Viral & Trending

‘You can leave anytime’ is an important lesson from mom in this viral twitter thread

When a situation makes you uncomfortable, you can leave, no matter how young or old you are.

Teen Activities

5 ways to manage screen time for your middle schooler

Students who were usually on task and high-performing were nodding off and "forgetting" to do their homework.

What To Watch

No more guessing: Screen time guidelines for toddlers to teenagers

Plus why family movie nights don’t really count.