Toddler Nutrition


Why I fully embrace ‘toddler dinner’—even as a dietitian

No cooking, zero prep, minimal cleanup. Have I sold you yet?


6 foods toddlers love from Trader Joe’s

And as a nutritionist mom, I love them, too.

Toddler Nutrition

3 baby food hacks recommended by a registered dietitian

Did you know that you can make fruit leather and frozen dots from baby food pouches?

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This broccoli meatball recipe for toddlers is genius

Picky kids won't eat greens? This broccoli meatball hack is basically guaranteed to work

Toddler Nutrition

Got a picky eater? Bookmark these 11 articles now

Your guide to child nutrition starts here.

Toddler Nutrition

What to do when your toddler goes on a food strike

“The key here is to offer several opportunities to eat nutritious foods throughout the day."


I wanted to make a toddler-friendly butter board–so I made a peanut butter board

A fun way to make the butter board trend more toddler-friendly!

Motherly Stories

I felt mom guilt and shame for having a picky eater

My toddler's diet had become a menu of all the things I said I’d never feed my child—until I had my child.


Rainbow sheet pancakes

Top with fruit or chocolate chips or leave plain—no matter what, these pancakes are always perfection.

Toddler Nutrition

The scientific reason why your toddler only loves mac and cheese

(…or hotdogs or yogurt or chicken nuggets.)

Health & Wellness

Confession: I’m a dietitian and feeding my daughter is a struggle

As a dietitian, I teach other parents how to feed their own kiddos. And yet, I couldn't even get my own daughter to try a new food, let alone accept it.