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Key ingredients to help your baby’s skin thrive

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Your baby’s sensitive skin deserves the very best care. But, looking at the ingredient label on baby skincare products can feel like reading a foreign language. We’ll help you make sense of what key ingredients should earn a place in your little one’s lotion, sunscreen, shampoo and more.

Ceramide NP

Naturally created by our bodies, ceramide NP creates a barrier that locks in moisture—and helps that baby soft skin feel so silky smooth.


It’s hard to match the natural moisturizing powers of squalene, which is naturally produced by babies’ skin—but sustainably sourced squalane is up to the task! This familiar ingredient is incredibly soothing and nourishing even on the most sensitive of skin. (With a high level of lipid materials, it acts a lot like the moisturizing most vernix babies have on their bodies when they are born.)

Pomegranate Sterols

By locking in moisture and locking out environmental stressors, this antioxidant-rich ingredient offers a great layer of defense for your baby’s skin. (Yes, the “superfood” powers of pomegranate make it great for skincare!)

Calendula Extract

If your baby has sensitive skin, calendula extract will be your secret weapon. Calendula extract comes from marigold flowers and is wonderful at nourishing skin while calming irritated areas.

Baby Shampoo & Wash

Getting your little one cleaned off shouldn’t mean irritating their skin. Made with gentle plant-derived ingredients like squalane and citric acid, this wash balances the natural moisture on your baby’s skin and in their hair. All while making baths fun as can be with a tear-free formula!
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Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

Keep baby's (and the whole family's) skin protected with this mineral sunscreen. Made from plant extracts that calm and protect from the sun's rays, this sunscreen is a mom and family must-have.

Winter Cherry

Amazing at combatting dry, itchy skin, winter cherry can help soothe any skin woes while protecting your baby from more irritants.

Baby Lotion

Replenish the moisture in your baby’s skin (and yours, too!) with the long-lasting hydration powers of squalane, ceramide NP, glycerin and more. Made for massaging all over your baby’s precious body, this lotion is lightweight and silky to the touch.
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Extracted from plants, this ultra hydrating ingredient helps skin retain moisture. That makes it perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin—and yours, too!